Pokémon GO Axew Community Day Guide

This guide will help you prepare all the necessary items for the Pokémon GO Axew Community Day and explain the community day move to get the best out of this upcoming one day event. The Axew Community Day is happening June 10th.

Pokémon Go Axew Community Day Guide

Pokémon GO has announced the next Community Day featuring Axew the Tusk Pokémon. This event takes place on June 10th between 2 and 5 pm local time. Axew is quite a rare Pokémon in Pokémon GO and even though its shiny has already been released, it’s a strong Pokémon and the move it’s gaining from this Community Day is looking to be its best charge move moving forward.

For those unfamiliar with community days and how they work, the featured Pokémon, in this case, Axew will spawn almost exclusively. Its chances of being shiny will be drastically increased during this time period as well. Equally important, as with all community day events, fully evolving Axew to its final stage Haxorus rewards trainers with an exclusive move. In this case the Charge Move Breaking Swipe.

Breaking Swipe is a dragon type 3 bar charged move with 50 Base power in PVP and 35 in PVE. The most comparable move to Breaking Swipe is Dragon Claw. And while this other move is stronger in base power, Breaking Swipe has the extra benefit of lowering the opponents attack every time it hits. Given how quickly Haxorus can charge this attack, it is a must have if you want to use this Pokémon, especially in PVP.

With that in mind, armed with Breaking Swipe, Haxorus will be useful in Master League though it has to compete with Legendary Pokémon like Dialga and Rayquaza. Its not the best, but its certainly usable.

How to Get the Most Out of the Community Day

Playing Pokémon GO during the event is an important first step in getting the most out of Axew Community Day, but there is much more you can do to optimize the day in your favor.

During the event you can look forward to the following bonuses.

  • Triple Experience from catching Pokémon. Make sure to use a Lucky Egg to maximize this bonus.
  • Trainers level 31 and up will have increased chances of obtaining an XL Candy from catching Pokémon.
  • Incense lasts 3 Hours. The event is that same amount of time which saves resources.
  • Lure Modules last 3 Hours. For those intending to stay near one spot, make sure to use a Lure Module to increase chances of Axew Encounters for yourself and other passing trainers.
  • Axew will photobomb pictures you take during the event. This will cause an additional Axew to spawn per photobomb.
  • Double Candy for catching Pokémon. Make sure to use Pinap Berries to maximize this bonus.

In addition, the following features will be available from 2:00pm all the way till 10:00pm local time

  • Trades during this event will only require 50% of the usual Stardust cost. This is the perfect time to make some trades.
  • One additional Special Trade can be made. Normally you are only able to complete one of these a day. Take advantage of this bonus to get a rare Pokémon. As an extra bonus, due to another event happening at the same time, you will have access to three Special Trades for this community day

Make sure to use the ordinary incense rather than one of the type specific ones. You wouldn’t want other Pokémon to spawn by accident now would you?

For extra candy per catch, try Mega Evolving a Dragon Type or a Pokémon that becomes a Dragon Type such Charizard X or Ampharos. Considering how many Axew will be spawning, the extra candy will add up fast.

Here are the Axew I caught to prepare.

I have plenty of high stat Axew ready for this community day. Are you ready?

Evolving Axew

Evolving Axew to Fraxure costs 25 Axew Candy. During the Community Day you should have no problem getting this amount, especially if you have a Mega Evolution boost. Meanwhile evolving Fraxure to Haxorus costs an additional 100 Axew Candy. While this might seem like a much higher cost, so long as you play during the event, these candy requirements should be easy to meet. 

Be sure to check out some of our other Pokémon GO Guides. Enjoy the Community Day to its fullest and get a shiny Haxorus while you are at it. With more Community Days on the horizon, its only a matter of time till we prepare for the next one.

Post Community Day Raid Event

After the community day ends, special 4 Star Raids featuring Fraxure will appear from 5:00pm to 10:00pm local time. Winning these raids not only gets you a Fraxure, but will also cause Axew to spawn around the gym. Notably these Pokémon will have the same shiny chance as ones caught during the Community Day event.

Keep in mind that Remote Raid Passes will not allow you into these raid battles. Instead, make sure you have a Raid Pass handy and possibly several Premium Raid Passes if you wish to continue doing raids.

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