Common GTA 5 PC Errors And How To Fix Them

Having trouble with the PC version of GTA V? We can help fix those pesky errors for you! We've compiled a list of different errors that occur with PC players and the ways to make them go away. Never struggle to play GTA V on PC again.
GTA V - PC Errors And How To Fix Them

Common GTA 5 PC Errors And How To Fix Them

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GTA V has some issues from time to time. If you’re stuck with a bad PC problem, here’s a handy list of how to resolve common GTA V errors on PC.

Freeze/hang every 5-10 minutes:

  • Try to increase the paging file on the drive where you have installed the game (preferably 10GB or more).

Missing textures issue:

  • Solves by setting vertical sync at 50%

Error 0хс000007:

  • Install or update Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5, DirectX. Restart the system, launch the game.

Limited virtual memory:

  • You must change the size of virtual memory:

  • Start – Computer – Properties – Advanced – Performance – Settings – Advanced tab – Virtual memory – Change

Note: Increases in size usually don’t require a restart for the changes to take effect, but if you decrease the size, you’ll need to restart your computer. We recommend that you don’t disable or delete the paging file.

Unable to detect Windows Media Player:

  • Control Panel – Windows Features – Media Features – Windows Media Player – Install


  • C:\Users\ username \Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V, open settings.xml with a notepad and find <DX_Version value=”2″ />  change from 2 to 0. In the file’s Properties put the check mark by the “Read Only” item.

No further missions are showing up in Story Mode:

Certain missions are only available when playing as certain characters. This common GTA 5 error has mostly been reported around Surveying the Score, Bury the Hatchet, and Deep Inside. Try playing as all three characters for a while to see if the mission opens up. In some cases, missions will only appear after a certain amount of in-game time, so also try doing other activities for a while. Some missions are triggered by phone calls and those might not arrive when you are in certain locations, so be sure to not stay in the same spot if you are waiting for a call.

Also you can try to load the save file and use the “Quick Save” option to force a save to a new slot. After this is completed, load the new save and check to see if the issue is resolved.

“Social Club failed to initialize.”:

  • Ensure you have administrator rights on your computer. Run the Social Club Installation application as an administrator by right clicking the application and choosing “Run as Administrator.”
  • Verify that you have the latest version of DirectX and Visual C++. The latest versions can be downloaded from here.
  • If you are stuck loading, auto-sign-in may have failed. Press the Home key and see if you can log in manually.
  • Temporarily disable antivirus/security, then uninstall if disabling does not work as a test. Be sure to reinstall and re-enable your antivirus after the test.
  • Make sure that Social Club is installed to the correct directory (by default, this is: Program Files\Rockstar Games\Social Club)

Unstable FPS:

If you are using Nvidia graphics card, Nvidia Inspector can help you. Follow these steps to solve the problem:

  • Open the GTA V profile in Nvidia Inspector and turn a v-sync.
  • Turn on a triple buffering in the same place.
  • Turn of the v-sync in the game settings.

[ERR_SYS_TIMER_RDTSC] – CPU does not support rdtsc instruction.

[ERR_SYS_THREAD] – Game error. Please reboot and restart the game.

[ERR_SYS_STREAMERREAD] – Corrupt game data. Please reboot or reinstall the game.

[ERR_SYS_SETTINGS] – Computer does not meet minimum requirements.

[ERR_SYS_PURE] – Game error. Please reboot and restart the game.

[ERR_SYS_MINREQ_VID_MEM] – Your computer does not meet the minimum recommended Video Memory specification. The game may have trouble running if you proceed.

[ERR_SYS_PAR_1] – Corrupt game data. Please reboot or reinstall the game.

[ERR_SYS_NOSTREAMINGHANDLES] – Out of file handles. Please reboot and restart the game.

[ERR_SYS_MINREQ_TITLE] – Minimum Recommended Hardware Check Failure

[ERR_SYS_MINREQ_MEM] – Your computer does not meet the minimum recommended Memory (RAM) specification. The game may have trouble running if you proceed.

[ERR_SYS_MINREQ_CPU_CORE]  – Your computer does not meet the minimum recommended CPU Core specification. The game may have trouble running if you proceed.

[ERR_SCR_TEXT_MEM_1] – Game memory error. Please reboot and restart the game.

[ERR_NET_WINSOCK_1] – WinSock error. Please reboot and restart the game.

[ERR_SYS_FILELOAD] – Corrupt game data. Please reboot or reinstall the game.

[ERR_MEM_EMBEDDEDALLOC_INIT_1] – Out of game memory. Please reboot and restart the game.

[ERR_GFX_WIN] – Failed to create window. Please reboot and make sure the graphics device is functioning correctly.

[ERR_GFX_RENDERTARGET] – Failed to create render target. Please reboot and restart the game.

[ERR_GFX_INIT]  – Failed to initialize graphics device. Please reboot or reinstall latest DirectX runtime.

[ERR_GFX_D3D_SWAPCHAIN_ALLOC_2] – No DirectX 10 or 11 adapter or runtime found. Please install latest DirectX runtime or install a compatible DirectX 10 or 11 video card.

[ERR_GFX_D3D_VER_1] – No DirectX 10 or 11 adapter or runtime found. Please install latest DirectX runtime or install a compatible DirectX 10 or 11 video card.

[ERR_GFX_D3D_DEFERRED_MEM] – DirectX error. Out of memory. Please reboot, close other applications, and ensure your computer meets the minimum requirements.

[ERR_AUD_HARDWARE_DS_INIT] – Failed to initialize audio hadware. You may need to reinstall your audio drivers or DirectX. Also ensure your audio device is functioning correctly.

Story Mode Errors:

Crash during Blitz Play:

One of the most common GTA 5 errors occurs during the “Blitz Play” mission every time it switches characters from Franklin to Michael.

There are two possible solutions (I have just tried both of them, so they do work):

  • Run the game in the window mode (generaly helps in such cases)
  • Don’t use sticky bomb or granades as a primary weapon. When it comes to blowing up the doors of the collectors van, choose any gun, point at the doors, press RMB and then G.
  • Also, you must destroy the Trash Truck with firearm.

Vehicle Weapon Aim Crash:

Same story here – don’t throw sticky bomb as a weapon, use “G” button instead. In addition, you must:

  • Go into Options->Settings->Saving and Startup->
  • Chose default settings:
  • Landing Page: On (Restart game)

Caida Libre bug:

  • Do not blow up the truck but drown it.

Derailed crash

  • Turn on the compability mode for all users and start as administrator. Then launch the game, Options and set dx on 10.

Note: if you are having problems during a mission, try these general solutions:

  • Run the game in the window mode.
  • Run as an administrator
  • The easiest way to die 3 times and skip the part of mission.

If you have a problem with the game which is not listed in the article, please, leave a comment and I will do my best to help you.

And for more guides on GTA 5, be sure to check out our official game page.

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when i start gta 5 after ls car tuner update i pause the game and play online when joining the servers theres a error facing
alert pleast return ti gta 5 how to fix

Mahavir Singh

please run grand theft auto v using playgtav.exe. please help

Luis Cano

That problem comes up with the cracked version only, as far as I know. The obvious solution is to get the game legally, of course. Other than that, make sure your antivirus (or Windows Defender) is not quarantining one of the GTA files. But seriously, buy the game 🙂

f;ljdsfmkmdekldj nkfhbnndj

how do you fix the error code: ERR_AUD_INIT2?

mr John



I get this error after a few seconds black screen: ERR_GFX_D3D_SHADER_1. Does anyone know what could cause this?


bro i have installed gta 5 corepack it was in power iso …..all the games i install from power iso have same problem thet they do not respond when they are clicked without giving any error please help i thing power iso have some problem or the corepack games do not work in my computer


i have an issue with my GTA V from epic games, i using mods on my game but it’s ok before the mission “three’s company” but on that mission when i play as franklin and switch character to michael, it’s get a bug when michael is hanging on the rope but with standing position and can’t do anything even to change weapon or aiming..   after that i exit from the game, and try it again but it’s still the same. until when i load the game as franklin, i try switch to michael but the game keep closing by… Read more »


game requirements and setting options…everyone with half a brain can do these things without this useless page


i’m getting out of game memory reboot ur computer i got 2TB 16GB i went from windows 7 to windows 10 n the gta5 played just fine intill they came out with this damn launcher i got it on steam n the cd version n it does it on both!


saved the game manually after completing paleto heist, next day it was backtrack to mr richard, happen thrice and didnt know wat to do


settings version is not 1 how can i solve it



try to play gta5 with my car mod it don’t let me play with them


it still don`t work (ERR_GFX_D3D_INIT) help


Out of game memory error.Help me fix it pls




I got corrupt notice early, but when i installed openIV there are not corrput notice but the game just stay on loading story mode or startscreen, please help


After Installation The game size changes i am installing with corepack version and evrthing things gets oky but after installation the game size evrytime changes i installed 3 to 4 times it changes all time and the game does not open??

heeloo game stop in staring bank mission story mode and says gta v stopped working what i do and i create social club id but i don’t have a activation code.


How to fix ERR_SYS_PURE It’s keep appearing when Im playing


When i start game than rockstar logo video come than game freeze and black screen come . What should i do?

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