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Tax refunds, new vehicle and discounts galore in GTA Online

GTA Online Players can purchase the new Karin 190z and also earn double money in Smuggler's Run missions. Reimbursements for money spent in game will also be rewarded to players. There are also multiple discounts available for multiple vehicles and other items

New vehicle plus discounts and future money disbursements coming for GTA Online players

GTA Online has been quite the impressively successful game for Rockstar in recent months. This is due in part to the most recent Doomsday Heist update and other smaller additions. It is also due to their deep love and respect of their fan base and attention to detail in fixing glitches and problems.

Players this week can purchase a brand new vehicle known as the Karin 190z. This is a sports classic vehicle available from Legendary Motorsport and able to be customized at Los Santos Customs or Benny's.  

New and old players alike will also benefit from the 2018 San Andreas State Tax Refund and Rebate. If players log into GTA Online between now and Feb. 26 they will receive 250,000$ in their Maze Bank accounts. Players who spend up to 1 million in game by this date will also be reimbursed for their purchases. The money will be added to players' accounts by March 6. This alongside the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack will help new players jump into the highly expensive but extremely fun multiplayer.

Alongside free money to players are some discounts on certain vehicles, clothing and high-end executive activities. The Smuggler's Run game mode will also be worth double money and RP this week. There is also 2 premium races players can participate in for money and RP as well.

These discounts and money offerings should make it very easy for anyone wanting to get into GTA Online

  • All Yachts and Yacht Renovations are 30% off
  • MOC Cabs and Renovations are 30% off
  • Bunker and Aircraft Workshop are 30% and 25% off respectively 
  • The Ocelot Pariah, XA-21 and Coil Raiden are all 30%off
  • Doomsday Heist clothing and Import/Export tattoos are 25% off

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