GTA V YouTube Announcement Trailer Has Nearly Double The Dislikes

The Playstation Announcement Trailer of Grand Theft Auto V has nearly double the dislikes compared to likes. With GTA VI being heavily rumored for months now, another re-release of GTA V has not gone down well with the gaming community and their disappointment has been voiced.

GTA V Announcement Trailer Is Nearly 2:1 In Dislikes On YouTube Cover

Needless to say, when it was announced that Grand Theft Auto V would be getting another re-release, during the Playstation 5 reveal, many people were shocked. This will signify three generations of GTA V as it will have appeared on the seventh generation, eighth generation, and now the ninth generation of consoles. People aren’t disappointed because of the game; it’s the biggest selling piece of media in entertainment history for a reason, they’re disappointed because we feel further away than ever from Rockstar’s highly-anticipated GTA VI.

The trailer currently stands at 45, 000 likes and 82, 000 dislikes. In comparison, Rockstar’s original trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, back in 2011, currently has over 1 million likes and a measly 17, 000 dislikes. It’s quite clear that people are ready to see the evolution of Grand Theft Auto. But with the unbelievable success that GTA V has had – selling 120 million copies and making billions of dollars – you can understand why Rockstar would be keen to extend its success to breaking point.

Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online - Announcement Trailer | PS5

It’ll be interesting to see if Rockstar has any reaction to the community’s dissatisfaction with the trailer, although the sound of more money falling into their lap will, understandably, be a tough sound to ignore.

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