Rockstar Releases Biker DLC for GTA Online

Rockstar Games released the latest DLC expansion for GTA: Online today, with the Bikers DLC going live this morning for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Rockstar Releases Biker DLC for GTA Online
This DLC adds the ability to start and run your own Motorcycle club, with its own Clubhouse and Biker gang focused missions, and the ability to perform melee combat on bikes.

Also in the game is a whole garage of new vehicles, with 12 new bikes to drive, such as the 3 wheeled trike the Nagasaki Chimera, and the Mod style Pegassi Faggio, with even the ability to customize your bikes using a Gang Mechanic. There is also 6 new weapons, all suited to the Biker theme, with such delights as a Battle Axe and Pipe Bomb to terrorize the streets of Los Santos with.

This marks the game's third year of support since release, and from the wealth of content in this update, it is safe to say Rockstar are still very interested in keeping GTA Online alive and vibrant.

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