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GTA Online bans ‘Apartment Garage Glitch’ Cheaters

GTA Online bans ‘Apartment Garage Glitch’ Cheaters

A fresh new ban wave has been washing over players of Rockstar’s GTA Online. This wave has seen players who used GTA Online’s ‘Apartment Garage Glitch’ getting their account progress reset or outright banned! And needless to say that some a...

The Latest Rumours On GTA 6 and Vice City Remaster Cover

The Latest Rumours On GTA 6 And Vice City

Grand Theft Auto 6 could be returning to Vice City! Along with other rumours, here is everything you need to know about Rockstar Games' next title. Rumours have been circulating about Vice City ever since specific domain names had been clai...

GTA V Announcement Trailer Is Nearly 2:1 In Dislikes On YouTube Cover

GTA V YouTube Announcement Trailer Has Nearly Double The Dislikes

The Playstation Announcement Trailer of Grand Theft Auto V has nearly double the dislikes compared to likes. With GTA VI being heavily rumored for months now, another re-release of GTA V has not gone down well with the gaming community and ...

GTA V Free On Epic Store Cover

GTA V Is the Next Free Game on the Epic Games Store

GTA V is the next free game coming to the Epic Games Store. In a now-deleted tweet from the official Epic Games Store account, the platform announced that GTA V would be free until May 21st. They also added that if you download the game, it...


GTA 5 Online Casino Banned In 50 Countries

GTA 5 online's recent casino update has been hampered by the laws of over 50 countries, banning the action of gambling with real money in video games. The Diamond casino update brings gambling to Los Santos, embroiling Rockstar in the ongoi...

GTA Online Cheater Owes Take-Two $150,000 in Damages

Cheating didn’t pay off for one Florida man. Johnny Perez created and sold a program used to give players in-game currency in Grand Theft Auto Online. A court ordered he pay the maximum amount in damages for his crime. A Florida man must pa...

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GTA 5 Makes More Money Than Literally Everything

Grand Theft Auto 5 is well known, not just because of an insanely large fanbase, grown over the life of the wider franchise. But also because of its ridiculous amounts of success. Even worried mothers, cautiously buying their kids a console...

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Tax refunds, new vehicle and discounts galore in GTA Online

GTA Online Players can purchase the new Karin 190z and also earn double money in Smuggler's Run missions. Reimbursements for money spent in game will also be rewarded to players. There are also multiple discounts available for multiple vehi...

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GTA V Is North America’s Best Selling Game of All Time

Grand Theft Auto V continues to rake in huge profits four years after its initial release. According to the NPD Group's August 2017 analysis for video game sales in North America, Grand Theft Auto V is now the region's best selling ...

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Take-Two Forces GTAV Cheaters to Donate to Charity

While most companies would be happy with shutting down cheating in their games, Take Two Interactive takes it further and makes the cheaters pay money. All profits earned from the distribution and subscription of three big GTAV cheat progra...

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GTA V goes retro for its next DLC

Grand Theft Auto V goes back to its root for its next DLC, Tiny Racers. This latest update from developers Rockstar takes players back to the top-down style of the original Grand Theft Auto titles in a pitched race of death and destruction....

GTA V Cheat Codes

How To Use Cheat Codes & Get More Out Of GTA 5’s Story Mode

We can already hear the collective stomachs of hardcore gamers churn at the sight of that headline, but hear us out. It’s true that most often games that have cheats available use them as a means of easy progress and advantage, thus c...

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GTA V tops weekly UK sales charts again

Rockstar's smash hit Grand Theft Auto V manages to top the UK charts this week, beating out Infinite Warfare, Fifa 17 and many more. Released over 3 years ago, GTA 5 is clearly still a massive title in the gaming industry. Well would you be...

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GTA V roars into 2017 with brand new content!

With a new year comes new content for Grand Theft Auto 5. Roar onto the streets of Los Santos with the brand new Pegassi FCR 1000 motorcycle, and take on friends and foe alike in the new Vehicle Vendetta adversary mode. You'll need skill wi...

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Rockstar previews the next GTA Online Update Import/Export

Rev up your engines, its time to engage in some true Grand Theft Auto! Rockstar has teased the next big update coming to GTA Online named Import/Export, which dabbles in the dangerous but lucrative world of high-end car theft. Rockstar ...

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Rockstar Teases Next GTA Online Racing Update

Its time to get your helmets on, Rockstar has teased the next GTA Online free update, showcasing Tron-style racing bikes, offering brand new races focused on the arcade format of power-ups to get ahead of your opponents, all whilst bathed i...

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Rockstar showcases GTA Online’s Halloween Update

With last year's Halloween update going down a treat with players, Rockstar follows up on their constant success by adding more content for this year's spooky festivities. Will you be wandering the dark streets of San Andreas tonight? Hallo...

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GTA Online took in $700 million this year, says analyst

Rockstar is so reluctant to announce the next big chapter in the Grand Theft Auto saga. GTA 5, or specifically, GTA Online is just making too much money! Grand Theft Auto is a massive success in every sense of the word. Only the idiotic or ...

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Rockstar Releases Biker DLC for GTA Online

Rockstar Games released the latest DLC expansion for GTA: Online today, with the Bikers DLC going live this morning for PS4, Xbox One and PC. This DLC adds the ability to start and run your own Motorcycle club, with its own Clubhouse and Bi...

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GTA V Redux Modder Accused of Stealing Other People’s Work

The creator of the Internet acclaimed mod may have stolen assets from another project, if speculation on the game's official forums is to be believed. The fate of the mod maker's previous work adds further evidence to the counterfeit claim....

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