Rockstar previews the next GTA Online Update Import/Export

Rev up your engines, its time to engage in some true Grand Theft Auto! Rockstar has teased the next big update coming to GTA Online named Import/Export, which dabbles in the dangerous but lucrative world of high-end car theft.

Rockstar previews the next GTA Online Update Import/Export
Rockstar have done a phenomenal job supporting Grand Theft Auto Online, and that trend will continue into December as we get another massive DLC update, Import/Export.

This DLC is in a similar format to recent big updates, in that players will be running a crime ring for the obvious aim of money and power. Using the Supply Chains system introduced in Further Adventures In Finance & Felony, players will need to 'obtain' some very luxurious vehicles to then sell on further down the road for a wedge of cold, hard money.

This update also introduces Vehicle Warehouses. Similar to regular warehouses from the CEO update, these will be used to store stolen vehicles until you're ready to sell them on. Speaking of CEO's, they're also getting an expansion to their base of operations. Executive Offices will now get a massive Executive Office Garage, which can have up to three floors of showroom storage to show off a whopping 60 of the shiniest and most expensive vehicles in Grand Theft Auto Online. These garages can be personalized with customizable decor and your own Custom Auto Shop.

These are the few details about Import/Export that have already been shown to us by Rockstar, but we know that Rockstar doesn't do basic, boring content. It is almost certain that this DLC will bring a wealth of new clothing, vehicles, player options, weapons, and more! Stay tuned to KeenGamer for more news on Import/Export as soon as it drops.

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