Grand Theft Auto V Has Now Sold 140 Million Copies

Grand Theft Auto V has hit yet another milestone with 140 million copies sold worldwide. 2020 was the best year yet for the game since releasing in 2013. Rockstar is not slowing down on support, with new online experiences releasing and the next-gen version coming later this year.
Grand Theft Auto V Has Now Sold 140 million copies

Image credit: Rockstar Games

To date, Grand Theft Auto V has sold 140 million copies worldwide. This staggering new milestone for the highest-grossing media product of all time was announced during Take-Two’s recent investor call (obtained via SeekingAlpha). 

This is an increase of 20 million copies as compared to last year which is hugely surprising considering the game is eight years old. Grand Theft Auto V was also available on the Epic Games Store too, which makes it even more unexpected. 

Grand Theft Auto V remains one of the most iconic titles ever released and continues to exceed our expectations”, Head of Take-Two, Strauss Zelnick said.   

GTA Online: The Cayo Perico Heist

GTA Online has been for several years the main selling point to GTA V. New DLC continues to be released, with the most recent coming in December; The Cayo Perico Heist. 

A PS5 and Xbox Series X|S version of Grand Theft Auto V is still on track for later this year, the third generation the title will be released on.

As for other Take-Two titles, Red Dead Redemption has sold 36 million units, whilst NBA 2K21 continues to sell well, despite its $70 price tag on the next-generation systems.     

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