6 Things We Could See in Grand Theft Auto 6

It's finally happened. Rockstar have officially announced that the next Grand Theft Auto is on the way. In anticipation, let's take a look at 6 things that players could expect to see in GTA 6. With videogame hardware improving greatly since the fifth game's 2013 release, the possibilities are exciting. GTA 5 still has life left meanwhile, with a PS5 and Xbox Series X release coming on March 15th.

6 Things We Could See in Grand Theft Auto 6

At the beginning of February, Rockstar made an announcement that many people had been eagerly anticipating for years. They revealed that the next entry in Grand Theft Auto, their massively popular open-world series, was in development. A full reveal seems far away, with 2013’s Grand Theft Auto V still a primary focus as it gets set to release on ninth generation consoles. Speculation on the things that players could see in the presumably named Grand Theft Auto VI can now intensify, though.

2018’s Red Dead Redemption 2 gave players a taste of the graphical and gameplay advancements that a future GTA could feature. Heavily detailed, well animated character models and role-playing gameplay elements are some examples. Of course, these will be enhanced further on the new PS5 and Xbox Series X. Players may also hope, though, that they could see new and improved features and some changes that will provide them with a fresh Grand Theft Auto experience.

Female Protagonist(s)

For its entirety, this series has been rather male-dominated. Every main entry and spin-off has featured male protagonists. Women have appeared as antagonists, most notably GTA III‘s Catalina, but they are mostly romantic interests. It feels like the right time to have at least one female protagonist in the upcoming game. This is one of the more likely things that fans could see in Grand Theft Auto VI. Women in main character roles has become more prominent over the years in gaming. The Last of Us‘ Ellie and Horizon‘s Aloy are just two of many examples, with both presented as strong women who are not sexualised.

Sadie's brilliant character presentation was a breath of fresh air

Sadie’s brilliant character presentation was a breath of fresh air

Rockstar recently included a central female character in Red Dead 2 in the form of Sadie Adler. She was a fearless person who participated in shootouts and would not be messed with by any man. There’s a good chance that they follow on this refreshing presentation by featuring a female GTA protagonist. They could perhaps share some of Sadie’s characteristics. Going with a male character again could alienate the female portion of the fanbase, which may be larger than some think.

Non-American Setting

The action-adventure series has not ventured outside of America since the 1999 expansion packs for the very first GTA. Those were set in London. Despite Vice City, Los Santos and Liberty City being fun playgrounds, it’s time to move on and get out of the USA. A journey back to the UK is a possibility. Rockstar could choose London again or another crime-filled city like Glasgow. France, Italy and even Japan would be good options too.

Come on guv'nor, let's head back to London

Come on guv’nor, let’s head back to London

Unfortunately, rumours have pointed to Vice City being the location that fans could see in Grand Theft Auto VI. Other rumours, however, speculate that Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro is next. Of course, take these with a grain of salt. Brazil would be a fun setting though, especially with its beautiful culture and iconic landmarks. Rockstar are no stranger to it too with 2012’s Max Payne 3 taking place in Sao Paulo. It would be a shame to spend another few years in a location too familiar to players.

More Explorable Buildings

Hasn’t it always been frustrating when you find a multi-storey building in a GTA game but can’t go inside? Think of the exciting shootouts that could’ve been had. Understandably, hardware limitations have, in the past, put a cap on the amount of freedom players can enjoy. That cap will almost certainly be raised now on new generation consoles. An increase in explorable buildings is something players could see in the next Grand Theft Auto.

Players should be able to rob banks whenever they wish

Players should be able to rob banks whenever they wish

More accessible properties would open up some exciting gameplay possibilities. Players could buy optional safehouses, just like GTA Online, and hunt down assassination targets hidden indoors for example. Imagine confronting someone working in a office and chasing them down flights of stairs. It would add more variety beyond a standard car chase. Participating in heists could also become side content, with every bank in the city able to be robbed. The list goes on.

New Leisure Activities

Every now and again, it’s nice to take a break from all of the violence. Rockstar have always included a nice variety of hobbies to enjoy. From golf to bowling, Roman Bellic’s favourite, each hobby offers fun gameplay that can make many hours easily past by. There’s always room for more activities, though, and some such as bowling were removed for GTA V. If London is the chosen location for the sixth entry, then a trip to the West End Theatre would certainly be on the cards.

It would be a shame to see the casino forgotten

It would be a shame to see the casino forgotten

GTA Online added casino gameplay in 2019, with many mini-games available. It will be a surprise if fans don’t get a single-player version (where they spend fictional currency only) in the future. The return of paramedic missions would be very welcomed. Along with taxi missions, they allow players to play like the protagonist has a job and make themselves easy money. More sport mini-games like football is another thing that players could see in Grand Theft Auto VI. There’s plenty of potential in this area for Rockstar to realise.

Expanded Weapon Customisation

Grand Theft Auto has many customisation features. Vehicles, penthouses and characters are able to be tinkered with by players. Weapons can also be customised, but it’s rather limited. In GTA V, players can add a scope, suppressor and flashlight depending on the weapon. Within a big city, there has to be a shop that can offer players some wild modifications. Much can be added to bring weapon customisation up to the same level as other features.

What if Franklin was holding a gun that matched his jacket colour?

What if Franklin was holding a gun that matched his jacket colour?

New modifiers for guns could range from laser sight to explosive ammo. It’s always satisfying to use a shotgun that has an explosive option. A colour wheel would be a good addition also, so players can have the freedom to equip a red rocket launcher if they wish. Gun upgrades are another thing that could be improved. Levels could be added so a gun’s grip or suppressor can gradually be enhanced.

Mod Support

Okay, so this is the most unlikely thing that players could see in Grand Theft Auto VI. Take-Two’s behaviour towards mods over the past few months has not been positive at all. Surely, though, there might be the slightest possibility that Rockstar could convince their bosses to re-think their stance. GTA mods have arguably played a big role in the fifth game retaining so much popularity. YouTube videos of modifications often get millions of views. A GTA entry without them seems unbelievable.

PC players get a lot of joy from mods such as flying cars

PC players get a lot of joy from mods such as flying cars

Mods that add zombies, superhero characters and even RPG gameplay would be missed. They add plenty of enjoyment and longevity. With computer software improving alongside hardware, fans may have only scratched the surface of what is possible. Creating cinematic post-story content could be next, for example. The mod community for GTA VI will be exciting to keep an eye on if Take-Two’s minds can be changed somewhat.

Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S – Coming March 2022

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