Top 10 GTA 5 Mods to Try Out in 2020

Years later, GTA 5 is still an awesome game, and we bring you the absolute best and most fun mods that will further enhance this experience. Whether you want to turn the game into a total next-gen eye candy or make yourself into a super-powerful villain - we have everything you need!

Top GTA 5 Mods to try out in 2020

Seven years after its release, Grand Theft Auto 5 is still going strong in terms of player count. More than that, the game is a mainstay of the top 10 most played games on Steam and was even one of the best selling games last year. While you might be quick to attribute the player count to GTA Online, that’s only part of the equation. Plenty of people still do singleplayer and while you can attribute that to the quality and gameplay diversity of GTA itself, it’s mostly the modding community keeping it alive.

The mods are the lifeline of any game this long after its release and GTA 5 has it all – from model replacers to total game-changers. So, we’ve taken upon ourselves to find the absolute best the community has to give and condense it for you in this list of top GTA 5 mods you gotta try. Just click on the title of each respective mod to go to where you can download them should you wish to.

10. GTA Realism

Realistic GTA 5

This mod makes realism more fun!

We’ve all tried to play GTA 5 with realism in mind at one point in time. While the game will allow this up to a point, the GTA 5 Realism mod will take it to the next level. It’s a script mod that introduced a bunch of small but highly impactful changes to the way the game is played. In fact, the list of changes is so extensive it could easily fill up an article all on its own. The most notable additions are the limit on weapons carried, weight management, new visuals, smarter pedestrians and cops (who can have concussions from nearby explosions), injures causing blood loss, tire changing mechanic, new physics, new fire behavior and so much more. GTA 5 really becomes a wholly different game and it’s a real joy exploring how the world works after installing the mod.

9. LSPD First Response

Become a Cop GTA 5 Mod

If only you could eat doughnuts.

Most, if not all play sessions of GTA 5 start off really humble then devolve into a murderous rampage. It’s easy to be the guy dishing out the damage, but have you ever considered how it feels to be the one that has to put an end to it? Well, wonder no more as with the LSPD First Response mod, you’ll be able to step into the shoes of Los Santos’ finest and roleplay a cop. We featured this mod on one of our previous lists but it received numerous updates since then that made it even better. You’ll be able to choose the way you look and walk, where you live, listen and respond to police radio, arrest suspects and interact with the world in new and exciting ways.

8. Simple Zombies

Zombie Apocalypse GTA 5 Mod

Turning GTA 5 into Dead Rising since 2020.

Los Santos would be the perfect playground for a zombie apocalypse – said everyone ever. So the talented modder sollaholla delivered. Contrary to what the name would suggest, Simple Zombies mod is anything but simple. It doesn’t merely turn most citizens of Los Santos into brainthirsty zombies but it also turns the game into a full-fledged survival one. You’ll need to loot and manage food and water, sleep, build a camp, recruit survivors, and as always, fight dangerous humans trying to do the same. It’s a total conversion mod with a really unique atmosphere and is definitely one you should experience ASAP.



Grand Theft Mass Effect

Another mod that will totally transform the way you play GTA 5 – a one that turns it into a full-fledged RPG. What does that entail you wonder? Well, first of all, you get a character creator with different classes, you get XP by finishing missions as well as various skill trees and unlock systems regarding weapons, cars and more. There are even Mass Effect-like dialogue trees and an RNG loot system for good measure. 

6. GTA 5 Redux

GTA 5 Redux Next-gen graphics

Saturated colors, better lighting, and reflections galore!

Redux is another gargantuan and absolutely awesome GTA 5 mod that will completely change the game. While most of it will be the eye candy visual stuff like new 4k textures, reshades, improved weather, and particle effects, there’s a lot under the hood too. The mod enhances vehicle handling, physics, and weapons but it also overhauls the pedestrian and police AI. It offers a high degree of customization so you can tweak everything to your liking. In remains one of our favorite GTA 5 mods in its latest version and one we’ll probably keep coming back to until GTA 6 is released.

5. Become the Predator

GTA 5 Become the Predator Mod

Predator: Concrete Jungle remake inside a GTA game

Have you ever wanted to relive the events in Predator 2 movie in gaming format? Well, now you absolutely can! Pair this mod with a Predator skin and become the ultimate concrete jungle hunter. You’ll have access to all the nifty toys seen in the movies including the cloaking device, shoulder cannons, combi stick, smart disc, a hook, a self destruct device and even the iconic Predator view when looking at things from first person.

4. Magneto

X-Men Magneto GTA 5 Mod

“Welcome to die!”

If you weren’t a fan of Magneto, you are bound to become one after playing around with this mod. The mod is so well made that it sometimes appears like it was a day one feature. Essentially, it will give you all the powers associated with the master of magnetism. Seriously, you can do just about anything Magneto could and this paragraph isn’t enough to list it all. Just to name a few, Magneto can fly, freely control metal objects, create bullet shields, EMP attacks and much more.

3. Gate Monster

GTA 5 Super Powers Mod

He is as powerful as he is badass looking.

Another imaginative GTA 5 script mod that will let you have tons of fun wreaking havoc across Los Santos. You don’t need to know much about what inspired the character and should instead focus on the host of its insanely fun powers. As a Gate Monster, you’ll be able to fly by turning into smoke, travel as a puddle of goo that can swallow NPCs and cars, rip enemies to shreds, absorb them and much much more. 

2. Thanos Mod

GTA 5 Become Thanos Mod

Los Santos snaped in half!

It’s amazing what talented modders have been able to achieve within the confines of GTA 5. Even if you are not a fan of the big bad purple guy from Marvel, this mod is something you have to experience. Thanos not only has a host of awesome powers by himself, but he also wields the infinity gauntlet which affords him the power over reality itself. What this means is that you’ll be an absolute powerhouse, making Los Santos into your playground. Seriously, you can shoot energy beams, create portals to travel through, turn things into stone or animals, summon meteors or black holes, slow time and even do the iconic snap and kill half the population of Los Santos. Absolutely amazing.


GTA 5 Virutal Reality Mod

You can literally dive into a second life.

There have been numerous attempts at bringing GTA 5 to VR through mods with most of them ending up being only half functional. Luckily the modders remained persistent and now we finally experience the entirety of the game in VR – cutscenes included! The REAL mod natively supports Oculus and SteamVR headsets and is a sight to behold. In our playtest, we experienced no issues and every activity in the game worked like VR was supported by Rockstar from day one. If you own a VR headset, you owe it to yourself to try this mod out, which from now on should propel GTA 5 to the top of every top VR games lists out there.

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