GTA V tops weekly UK sales charts again

Rockstar's smash hit Grand Theft Auto V manages to top the UK charts this week, beating out Infinite Warfare, Fifa 17 and many more. Released over 3 years ago, GTA 5 is clearly still a massive title in the gaming industry.

GTA V tops weekly UK sales charts again
Well would you believe it, they've done it again. Rockstar's current flagship product, Grand Theft Auto 5 has managed to top the UK sales charts yet again, a staggering 3+ years after its release.

The gaming industry is a fast paced market. With word of new titles every single day, its no surprise that a lot of games fade into just memory even a year after its release, let alone over three years. Grand Theft Auto 5 has managed to avoid this pitfall of the industry, partly through constant and high-quality updates from developers Rockstar, and partly through its extremely successful GTA Online multiplayer mode, offering players a new experience every time they start up the game.

Even with these factors though, you'd think Grand Theft Auto 5 sales wouldn't be topping the charts, especially with many massive titles released recently including Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Battlefield 1, Watch Dogs 2 and more. Think again, as the game has managed to ascend from third place to first place in last week's UK sales figures, breezing through many recently released titles. Part of the reason behind this may have been the January sales, many of which were selling Grand Theft Auto at a very low price, meaning that the players that hadn't already picked up the colossal title were able to do so at a bargain price.

Regardless of the reason, Rockstar has proven again that putting out a great game and supporting it with great content is a winning formula that pays dividens, not only in sweet sweet money, but in respect from your community and longevity in the industry.

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