GTA V Is the Next Free Game on the Epic Games Store

GTA V is the next free game coming to the Epic Games Store. In a now-deleted tweet from the official Epic Games Store account, the platform announced that GTA V would be free until May 21st. They also added that if you download the game, it will be "yours to keep forever on the Epic Games Store".

GTA V Is The Next Free Game On The Epic Games Store

In a tweet that has since been deleted, the official Epic Games Store announced that Grand Theft Auto V would be free to download until May 21st. Twitter user Wario64 managed to grab a screenshot of the ad before the post was deleted by the account. Since then, the news has become official and many are flocking over to the Epic Games Store to download the game. So you may experience some problems if you attempt to download it for yourself.

This announcement doesn’t come out of thin air, though. Just a few days ago, GamePressure reported this exact news, adding that the free version on the Epic Games Store would be the premium version of GTA V

In other Grand Theft Auto related news, the GTA V Online community is gearing up for an epic conclusion to their long-running Alien War. For those who have no idea what that is, members of the GTA V Online community are engaging in a brutal war with both sides suiting up in full-body alien costumes. You’re either on the side of the green aliens or purple aliens. This has sprawled into a major player-driven event for the game to the point where Rockstar actually began to give away these green and purple alien body-suits for free. On May 15th, the war will come to an end at the Los Santos airport. 

So, if you use the Epic Games Store launcher and are interested in all-out mayhem, GTA V may be the next big game for you.

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GTA V is available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC

Will you be downloading GTA V on the Epic Games Store? Do you plan to take part in the ridiculous war between green and purple aliens? Let us know in the comments!

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