Take-Two Forces GTAV Cheaters to Donate to Charity

While most companies would be happy with shutting down cheating in their games, Take Two Interactive takes it further and makes the cheaters pay money. All profits earned from the distribution and subscription of three big GTAV cheat programs will be given to charity.

Take-Two Forces GTAV Cheaters to Donate to Charity
Continuing their crackdown on modifications to Grand Theft Auto Online, Take Two Interactive has not only shut down three big cheat engines, but is also forcing the creators to pay for their crimes. The websites for GTAO cheat programs Force Hax, Lexicon, and Menyoo all redirect to a blank page, save for the same message:

After discussions with Take-Two Interactive, effective immediately we are ceasing all maintenance, development and distribution of the Lexicon cheat menu services. We will be donating our proceeds to a charity designated by Take-Two. We apologize for any and all problems Lexicon has caused to the Grand Theft Auto Online community.

This is obviously a statement that was prepared for the site runners by Take-Two and/or Rockstar. Besides the fact that they're all the same statement, but it's also unlikely that people who were willing to cheat at the online game were ever at all concerned about the damage it does to the community, now or ever. As you can see, a simple apology wasn't enough.

In an unprecedented move, Take-Two is forcing the cheat-program creators to turning over all their proceeds to charity. Rockstar confirmed with Kotaku "that the former cheat enablers do indeed have to donate their modding earnings to charity, but did not specify how much money that would be or what specific causes would benefit from it."

Perhaps this will help with the tarnished public image the companies now have, following their removal of a popular modding too. The aftermath of the removal is an Overwhelmingly Negative review rating on Steam.

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