Console Limitation Could Be a Reason for No New GTA

Most of us believe that Rockstar's point of releasing GTA V for the next generation consoles was money. Viewing Rockstar's controversial decision from another perspective, we can't rule out the current generation's limitations. Would the Xbox One really be able to run the next GTA game?

The Console's Limitation Could Be a Reason for No New GTA

We’re returning to Los Santos for a third time, and hopefully the last time. The recent GTA V announcement for the next generation consoles really got players discouraged. The announcement trailer on Youtube has become the most disliked video uploaded by Rockstar. As most of us would presume, Rockstar wants to squeeze out as much money as possible from us. Since we did not have any official words on the actual reason for re-releasing, we can’t rule out the fact that neither Xbox One or PS4 would be capable of running the next game.

Console capability

If we’re dating back to 2008, when Grand Theft Auto IV was released, Rockstar North announced that Grand Theft Auto would start focusing on excluding dead areas on the map. That means every area within the game would serve a purpose and look beautiful. On the other hand, that would cost reduction of certain features. Map size got reduced and you may also notice that render distance would be ridiculously bad. But it was revolutionary. The very complex RAGE game engine was introduced to the GTA series and the details were unbelievable. At that time, Rockstar really pushed the Xbox 360/PS3 consoles to their very limit. The amount of details were so great that it would eventually lead to the red ring of death on the Xbox 360 consoles. Same thing would happen to GTA V on Xbox 360 consoles. 

Many players have also experienced issues with Red Dead Redemption 2 causing the console to overheat. It’s a very large game, also pushing the consoles to the very limit. Personally, after playing Red Dead 2 for a while, my console has felt like a sauna. But this is the cost of having such fantastic games. 

View over GTA V's great outback

View over GTA V’s great outback

So, would Xbox One or PS4 be able to run GTA VI without facing crashes and overheating? Since players are putting their hopes up on a major upgrade, Rockstar won’t take people’s wishes for granted. The next game will obviously take more space, and require components to work harder because of the upgrades. Players are expecting upgrades, both in terms of quality and quantity. Who wouldn’t want a GTA VI featuring a more realistic physics model, higher resolution and why not a larger map? At this point, your console will have a really hard time staying alive. Consoles today are already struggling to run large games. Increasing the game’s size even further would eventually lead to more trouble. In the end, it might be the best decision to wait with GTA VI until better consoles are out on the market.


This announcement may have given a bad reputation on GTA V, but it’s actually brilliant marketing by Rockstar North. No matter how much we hated this, Rockstar’s masterpiece just won’t age. The freedom within this game is endless, but the fact that updates are constantly being rolled out, it’s a great key factor to why the game simply won’t die. Who would’ve guessed that GTA V would be supported for 7 years. It’s most likely been all planned out because how many games have been supported for 7 years? Not a single Grand Theft Auto has been supported for that long. Something tells me that it was all meant to happen.

Grand Theft Auto V - Coming to New Generation Consoles

Not entirely convinced to purchase the game for a third time? Have a look at why you should get GTA V again. Despite how frustrated you may be over this decision, it’s not a bad idea purchasing it once again. Like I previously mentioned, it’s never dying. Rockstar will release new content with enhanced graphics. Grand Theft Auto V is perfection and won’t age that much in the coming years!

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