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Grand Theft Auto V

is an open world, action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It was released on 17 September 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and... read more


Grand Theft Auto V: 100% Completion guide

Author: coldwater

Category: Guide

Grand Theft Auto was finally realesed! And it is huge! The new game has a lot to see and do. If you want to find out how to complete the game with style, check our guide below!

Image titleGrand Theft Auto V is enormous open-world game. In comparison with the previous games of the series the world of the new version was significantly increased. The new map is about 100 square miles with Los Santos being about 21 square miles. There are many new systems in place that significantly change the way the game is played. With so much to do and see, it’s easy to lose your way. If you want to find out how to complete the game with style, check our guide below!

Grand Theft Auto V: 100% Completion

Full completion of GTA 5 is a to do list, which consists of both story missions, and mini-missions, some of them refer to meetings with Strangers and Freaks, but I will tell about them later.

GTA V’s new mission structure scores you for completing your missions while completing specific objectives. You will be scored on a Bronze, Silver, or Gold scale.  If you don’t get gold on your first chance, you can always go back to try again. 

To achieve 100% Completion in the game you must:

  • Complete all the 69 main storyline missions. It is not that hard, you can watch it on YouTube. But if you still have troubles check my previous FAQ guide or leave a comment. This also includes completion of all Lester's Assassination missions.

  • Walk and play fetch with Chop

  • Complete all five Street Races. They unlock after completing Hao's Shift Work mission with Franklin.

  • Complete Hao's Shift Work mission with Franklin.

  • Complete all 4 Sea Races. Sea Races unlock after completing Hood Safari with Trevor.

  • Score at least a Bronze in 3 rounds with each weapon type at the Shooting Range. The Shooting Range can be visited inside any AmmuNation.

  • Score at least a Bronze in all 12 lessons at Flight School. Flight School unlocks while preparing for The Merryweather Heist.

  • Complete 25 (out of 50) Under the Bridges.Image title

  • Complete 8 (out of 15) Knife Flights.Image title

  • Complete all 6 Off-Road Races. Off-Road races unlock after completing Crystal Maze with Trevor.

  • Get a lap dance at a strip club.

  • Make a booty call to a stripper.

  • Complete 4 friend activities: go to a bar, visit a strip club, watch a movie, and play darts with at least one other of the game's protagonists.

  • Complete all Heli and Base parachute jumps.

  • Participate in golf, darts, and tennis at least once, and enter 3 triathlon races.

  • Complete all of Tonya's towing missions with Franklin.

  • Complete all of Beverly's paparazzo missions with Franklin.

  • Complete all of Barry's missions with Franklin.

  • Hire a prostitute.

  • Complete Mary-ann's Exercising Demons mission with Franklin.

  • Complete all of Dom's extreme sports missions.Complete 25 (out of 50)

  • Stunt Jumps. Hint: you can easily find them just by visiting in the game. Image title

  • Visit the cinema.

  • Complete 14 (out of 57) Random Events. When the radar flashes white and blue dot appears, go to the location for a random event.

  • Rob a shop.

  • Purchase a vehicle on the web.

  • Purchase 5 money-generating properties. More will be available for purchase as the game progresses

  • Collect and return all 50 Space Ship parts to Omega.Image title

  • Collecting all 50 Letter Scraps and complete the Dreyfuss' confrontation.Image title

Submarine Parts 

To start this side-quest, you must first purchase the Sonar Docks at Paleto Cove and then speak to Abigail during the "Death At Sea" mission. There are 30 parts in the game, scattered about the ocean floor.

Nuclear Waste 

Nuclear Wastes are located in the sea all around Los Santos. You can collect them all pretty easily using the provided Trackify app. To unlock this side mission, purchase the Sonar Docks at Paleto Cove after completing "The Merryweather Heist" and a free Minisub will appear at the jetty. Each barrel is worth $23,000 upon discovery and an additional $250,000 once you collect all of them.

Hidden Packages

There are 12 Hidden Packages spread throughout the waters. Each briefcase contains a hefty amount of cash that can be collected many times. Eleven of the cases are hidden underwater near crashed objects such as ships, planes, automobiles, and even boats. The briefcase can be reached by either taking the Dinghy or Minisub and equipping the complimentary Scuba diving gear.

Epsilon Tracts

Epsilon Tracts are unlocked after completing the "Unknowing The Truth" Epsilon mission. Marnie will send an email to Michael stating that there are Epsilon tracts to be found.There are 10 Epsilon Tracts to find and each one has to be found in order. When you find the first Tract in Mount Chiliad, Marnie will send text messages with clues for the next location.

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