Top Cayo Perico Glitches in GTA Online

If you plan on solo-playing through this heist, then look no further. Here are a few nifty GTA Online Cayo Perico Glitches to ensure you can glitch through the doors without the help of other players in multiplayer. This is one of the fastest known and up-to-date ways to farm money fast.

Cayo Perico GlitchesHere are a few known glitches in the Grand Theft Auto Online: Cayo Perico Heist on consoles, as of May 2023. This is a sure-fire way to finish the Cayo Perico Heist solo. You will likely want to do the GTA Online Cayo Perico glitches if you prefer not doing it with other players. I recommended to carry out the glitches with a keyboard. However, I will explain the following steps as if I’m playing with a controller, as that’s the method I’m most familiar with. 

West Door Glitch

The first step you will want to take is glitch your camera (first person). Just run straight into a tree and jump on it, until you get the falling animation. Make sure you are only walking after that, not sprinting or jumping. Now, you need to adjust your camera in front of the wall you will glitch through. Have it positioned slightly north-west and jump, then push the leftstick down. Immediately after, move forward with the leftstick again.

Overview of the West Door

Overview of the West Door

For the final step, you should have phased through the wall. Remember, if the camera glitch expires, you can reset it via the same method with jumping and falling off the tree.

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You may also follow along with the video below to see if you are doing it correctly. The same video applies for the next glitch down the list.

Basement Glitch

You’ll want to glitch your first-person camera once more. Climb atop of the crates until you’re in the corner. Simply jump and push the rightstick to the right side. Ensure that you are facing the pillars (in a slight northeast angle). After that, jump off the crates but don’t trigger the falling animation. Face the crates in the corner again at a northwest angle.

This time, you will jump by pressing “x” and move the leftstick down once. For this step, it must rotate 360°. Otherwise, you’ll have to do the camera glitch again. For the last step, position your camera like you did earlier on with the crates at the same angle.

Overview of the Basement

Overview of the Basement

Jump again and move the leftstick down. Only this time, the camera will turn and you will go forward on your leftstick. That is, until your enter through the wall. Switch your camera from first to third-person after this. 

GTA Online Cayo Perico Glitches: Replay Glitch

After the heist is completed, you’ll see the dealer walking out at some point. At the moment where he takes the fourth step and the screen transitions into “Heist Passed,” you will close the game or application on your console. You should have over 1.6 million at most (depending whether or not you get the pink diamond) and able to repeat the heist again. This is an efficient way of grinding for money, rather than waiting for the usual heist cooldown. 

Quickly close the game on this frame- GTA Online: Cayo Perico Glitches.

Close the game on this frame.

The idea is to repeat the replay glitch whenever applicable, but it is best not to abuse GTA Online Cayo Perico glitches, as there is a possibility of getting banned or having money taken away from you. Just don’t overuse and rely on the glitch regularly and wait at least 38 hours before attempting this money glitch again. So, approach with caution and happy farming.

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