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How To Use Cheat Codes & Get More Out Of GTA 5’s Story Mode

We can already hear the collective stomachs of hardcore gamers churn at the sight of that headline, but hear us out.

It’s true that most often games that have cheats available use them as a means of easy progress and advantage, thus cheapening the experience. But in Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5), cheats can be used to augment your gameplay experience with further mechanics and elements that Rockstar tied to cheats simply because they wouldn’t otherwise fit the overall tone of the game.

Should you use GTA 5 cheats?


You can use GTA 5 cheats to activate super powers and traverse the map in style, change the weather, decrease the power of gravity and more. The cheats also allow for mixing and matching, as multiple cheats can be active simultaneously. You’ll get the most fun out of these in free-roam, and we suggest using cheats only once you’ve completed the main storyline lest you cheapen the experience.


So, you’ve reached the decision that you will give cheats in GTA 5 a try – but what next? It’s actually quite simple and most seasoned gamers know how this works by heart. However, those new to gaming altogether, or used to the more recent (and altogether worse) method of there being a “cheats” section in the options menu, might not know how to proceed. Firstly, you’ll need to hit up a database of cheats on the web, because each individual cheat has an associated code that you’ll need for activation. Take this list ( GTA 5 PC Cheats article at gta5cheats.com) of cheats for PC for example or the one from gamesradar. You can find very nice cheat for moon gravity, to slow motion aim, get into a drunk mode, receive special ability or fire flaming bullets. But there are tons more, just search the web and you will find them easily.

GTA 5 cheats on PS4, Xbox One or PC?

How To Use Cheat Codes & Get More Out Of GTA 5's Story Mode
The method of activation varies based on platform. On the older generation consoles, you’ll need to use button combinations to activate the cheat of your choice. Look up the combination you need and just hit the buttons in sequence quickly during regular gameplay. There is no special window or prompt for this, so your character will react to the commands in the meantime as well. On Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, this is the only method available.

You can check this video for cheats on PS4 you must:
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On the current-gen consoles, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, a new method has been introduced, but the button combos still work if that’s what you prefer. The new method uses a new set of codes, this time in the form of cell phone numbers ( How to use GTA 5 cell phone cheats – PS4, XBOX ONE, PC article at gta5cheats.com) , which when dialled on the in-game smartphone will activate the associated effect. This method carried over to the PC versions as well.

Speaking of the PC version, the phone method isn’t the only way to access cheats, however don’t look for button combos as they won’t work. Instead, each cheat has an associated phrase or word which you will need to enter on the developer console. The dev console can be summoned by the tilde (~) key provided you haven’t mucked around in the config. That said, if you have, then chances are you don’t need us to tell you how this works.

Watch this video to get the basics of cheating in GTA 5:

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Some of the most entertaining cheats out there benefit greatly from being combined with one another. One way to add extra challenge to both races and high-speed escapes from the police is to use the cheat which removes almost all traction from vehicles in conjunction with the one that drastically reduces gravity.
Alternatively, if you want to turn GTA 5 into the newest superhero sandbox simulator, you can just flip on fast run, fast swim and super jump. If you’re more of a super villain on the other hand, add explosive melee attacks into the mix for some high-octane destruction. Using either explosive or incendiary ammo will make things feel a lot more like an action game.


Rockstar has also added director mode to the game via cheats and it is perfect for any budding filmmakers who want to make use of the Rockstar Editor. Director mode will let you cycle through a number of NPC models, allowing you to pick whichever best fits your next shot. Vehicle spawning cheats add to the filmmaker’s arsenal as well, since sometimes you’re in need of a car that doesn’t spawn on just every corner.


Whether you’ve only just completed the storyline of GTA 5, or have already spent years playing GTA Online, the wide array of cheats certainly make it worth revisiting for the new gameplay opportunities.

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