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Top GTA 5 Superhero Mods by JulioNIB

Do you want to reinvent your GTA experience? You just can't wait for that open world superhero game? Much less in a modern and realistic open world like the one in Grand Theft Auto? Well, the super talented JulioNIB is here and we put a spotlight on his collection of super-powered mods for GTA 5.

Top 5 GTA 4 Superhero Mods by JulioNIB


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Modding is not easy, more so the modding of GTA 5. It’s not like the game was made with modding in mind and there is no easy package import that will neatly tie everything in a bow for you. This article is not going to focus on how to mod your game as there are plenty of instructions on how to do that already. Instead, we will focus on mods by the modder JulioNIB which made us come back to Grand Theft Auto time and time again and we are sure they’ll have the same effect on you. So without further ado, let’s get into the list.

Disclaimer: Most of the mods shown don’t feature character models as they are supplied through another easy to install and use mod called AddonPeds.


Probably the first mod I ever installed from this author and to this day, probably my favorite. As per the title, this one gives you the powers of the Flash. Beside the different levels of super speed where the world around you moves super-slow, there is also the possibility to hover using tornado hands(!), grab pedestrians, run on walls and up the sides of buildings, create tornadoes, throw lightning, phase through objects, phase through and kill pedestrians and more. It’s all available through a convenient power selection wheel and is a ton of fun.


Who wouldn’t want to do a little bit of smashing now and then in GTA? Hulk mod is the definition of saving a game and going absolutely crazy. I mean, the mod even comes with “increase wanted level” option so you have someone to smash at all times. Other than that it’s what you’d expect, lots of raging, atomic slams, hyper jumps, sonic claps, ripping lamp posts, throwing tanks into the atmosphere and more.


Green Goblin was the second mod I ever installed from the author and I was blown away by how functional it was, complete with the iconic glider! Not only can you fly with it but it comes equipped with machine guns, rockets, carpet bombs, slicer bombs, burst bombs and can even fork someone with the spikes. When you get off the glider, it can follow you and shoot at enemies while you wreak havoc with increased speed, strength and all the equipment of the Green Goblin.


GTA becomes the best unofficial Iron Man game with this mod. Not only does the mod give you all the powers of wearing an Iron Man suit but it’s also insanely immersive when it comes to visuals and sounds. Sparks fly when someone is shooting at you, metal sounds are heard, the HUD and an onboard AI are on point as well. Then there are the rockets, machine guns, repulsors, darts, increased strength, speed, flight and much more.


When you want to be an absolute powerhouse like the Hulk but also want a bit more precision like Iron Man. Superman mod will enable you to fly at supersonic speeds (complete with sonic booms), shoot beams out of your eyes, move super fast on the ground, finger flick everything into space, use super breath and freeze breath and much more.


Thanos mod is so packed with powers and abilities that it’s just insane and it really takes the modding of GTA to another level. I mean you can wield the freaking Infinity Gaunglet. This will give you access to all sorts of unique powers previously unseen in other mods. This includes creating portals for teleportation, turning stuff into water or stone, summoning meteors, creating power blasts, creating black holes, stealing souls and more. It’s an absolute blast to play.


JulioNIB also features numerous other mods that will make your GTA experience much more fun, plus, there is always more in development so consider lending your support to the author. Some of the mods are available for download for free while others are locked behind a small Patreon fee that helps the author bring these to life and I think it’s well worth it for the sheer amount of fun you’ll be having.

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