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GTA V goes retro for its next DLC

Grand Theft Auto V goes back to its root for its next DLC, Tiny Racers. This latest update from developers Rockstar takes players back to the top-down style of the original Grand Theft Auto titles in a pitched race of death and destruction.

GTA V goes retro for its next DLC
GTA V developers Rockstar must be feeling nostalgic, as their next DLC for the critically acclaimed best seller takes players right back to the roots of where it all started.

Tiny Racers, the latest installment of free DLC for the game, puts players in a tense race of death and destruction, all in classic top-down style. If you haven't had the chance to play the original Grand Theft Auto titles then this will be quite the change for you, and if you have, you'll no doubt be instantly reminded of their unique style.

Rockstar have accrued a reputation as a quality developer that releases great content, and there is no doubt this update will be another notch in their bedpost of success. This is yet another free update to a game released all the way back in 2013, with hopefully much more to come.

Also, for today only, all weed related business ventures in the game will earn you 50% more money, with upgrades and investments costing 50% less. Green Tire Smoke is also 50% off at LS Customs, meaning you can celebrate 4/20 in style, all whilst raking in the cash.

Get ready to get behind the wheel and take first place, the Tiny Racers DLC drops April 25th.

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