Elite: Dangerous – Newsletter 46

Elite: Dangerous - Newsletter 46.

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Beta 3 is closer and closer. Here are some news what it will bring to the deep space of our Milky Way.

  1. Multiple ship ownership

  2. Mining

  3. B class stars

  4. Three class five gas giants


  6. And many more bigger or smaller updates

Beta 3’s 2,406 star systems mean it is huge, about five times bigger than Beta 2.  Yet it represents only a little over half a millionth of one per cent of the full game to be launched later this year!

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It is also possible that after the wipe in the end of Beta 2 you will not loose your money!

There will be a partial wipe for beta 3. Everything will; be reset except for wealth which we bring across.

Do you take ship upgrades in account when calculating the wealth, or just the amount of Cr one has?
Originally Posted by Michael Brookes  Yes and the value of the hull.

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