Elite: Dangerous – interesting guides and tutorials

Elite: Dangerous - interesting published guides and tutorials from the web.

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Elite:Dangerous is a difficult game to learn and master. And there are several videos and guides on the web. Below is a list of known guide containing mining, bounty hunting, tips and tricks etc. We tried to publish only these which are still on the track and don't contain old information.

First of all visit the official site to read the information provided by the developers. Also watch these official videos.

Then download this HUGE pdf file where are nicely written all the basics. It's one of the best manual written and has 104.1 MB so you can imagine that there is a lot of information.

Below are videos chosen by their importance and of course there will be more added as the game will evolve. Of course you can find for yourself many other tutorials on YouTube.


Sidewinder is your first ship. Do know it and learn to flight well with it!

Elite Dangerous Gameplay - Sidewinder Review / Starting Guide

ObsidianAnt tries to explain basics of the game including combat, mining, exploration, missions and trading.

How to Play Elite: Dangerous (a Gameplay Tutorial Guide)

Another long newbie guide on the web. 50 minutes to watch and covers only the basics.

Understand your overview. The Cockpit is your home.

Elite Dangerous Tutorial Part 1: The Cockpit

Step by step tutorial how to get started in the game by AdoredTV.

Elite Dangerous - Getting Started Step-by-Step | Let's Play #1 | Launch Day Tutorial.

How to make money with the help of the market? 5 minutes simple guide for beginners by R0B0TS Reviews. You can find more short tutorials on its profile concerning all the possible issues you have. From Frameshift jumping to Avoiding the interdiction.

How to Make Money Tutorial for Beginners in Elite: Dangerous

Extraction sites are good for bounty hunting.

Elite: Dangerous Bounty Hunting Guide! - Resource extraction sites

How to smuggle black boxes?

Smuggling Black Boxes! - Ep. 1 - Elite: Dangerous - Let's Play - Release

Galaxy Map tutorial and system exports/imports.

Elite: Dangerous - Galaxy Map Tutorial and system exports/imports

Basic combat is something you all MUST master to survive in the Universe.

Elite: Dangerous - Basic Combat Tutorial For Noobs

In Depth Mining guide is also necessary for all enthusiastic miners :-). There are better solutions to mine and you will get better the more you mine like catching the ore when it is flying from the asteroid but even this guide is nice to watch and learn from.

Elite: Dangerous - In Depth Mining Tutorial [ASSIST ON]

Weapons. Live or die. It's simple. Understand your weapons to become deadlier!

Elite Dangerous: Weapons Guide - Introduction

Of course the more you play the better you will get. From our own experience or friends the difference between the vets and newbies is HUGE. So don't be ashamed if you will not be able to get rich in a week or you die a lot in PvP. Elite: Dangerous is not something you can master in 5 days. Count with it :-).

One of the most famous player is Isinona and you can watch his latest video fighting vs a bounty hunter below. But we do recommend to watch all of his videos. They are awesome.

'Elite: Dangerous' v1.01 - Hunted (Flight Assist Off)

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