Elite: Dangerous – new rewards for backers

Elite: Dangerous - new rewards for backers.

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What's in the newsletter #49? Only great information!

In Elite there is going to be 30 playable ships which is quite a big number, don't you think? Next Thursday Beta 3.9 will take place which is the final Beta build before Gamma phase.

And what's more all beta backers will get some new rewards.

  • 25% off in-game ship insurance for life to all our Beta backers

  • free access to one of the 5 new ships when it’s released!

If you plan to play Elite a lot and die a lot then the insurance could save you A LOT of money, trust us.

Also if you want to play the game before release 16th December, being a Beta backer is the only way you will be able to do so.

'Elite: Dangerous' Beta v3.03 - Interceptor (Flight Assist Off)

You can find more details at the link below.

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