New free update for Elite Dangerous on PS4 releases Feb 27th

Free upcoming Elite Dangerous update brings new enhancements such as a Crime and Punishment system, mission reward choice, improved trade data, upgraded Galnet Audio and Chieftain ship among others.

New free update for Elite Dangerous on PS4 releases Feb 27th
Elite Dangerous is a wildly successful and popular space travel, trading and combat game developed by Frontier Developments. It found it's original success on PC and has recently released on home consoles as well. A brand new update hopes to expand the horizons of the game to new heights.

Elite Dangerous Beyond is the next season of content for the game this year. Chapter One starts the year strong with some much  appreciated updates to the gameplay and various systems overall.

One portion of the update will focus upon creating a more fair environment for players with a brand new Crime and Punishment system. This system will focus on those players who hunt new players for sport. There will also be a Tactical Response Unit implemented to punish problematic players. Crimes are now attached to ships rather than commanders. Those defeated by Tactical Response Units will have to pay a fine or be forced to take a downgraded ship and spend time in detention centers.

The update also plans to make changes to the Galnet Audio system and mission rewards. Galnet Audio will now be able to be played through a text-to-speech program available in all languages the game is currently localized in. Players will also be able to choose from 3 different reward packages for missions of equal value rather than what they obtained previously.

Trade Data  will also be improved alongside a brand new ship type. The map will show Trade Data that is currently trending. Detailed access to this information can be purchased by commanders. The data will show both Background Simulation and Commander trading data. The new ship known as the Chieftain will be available through the update as well. The ship is quite powerful offensively and is also capable of easily dodging incoming enemy fire.

Other small changes include visual upgrades to different planets and areas to better help players understand what's available for resources. Material storage limits will also be increased as well as making the Keelback capable of utilizing two pilots at once.

Beyond - Chapter One - Beta Announcement

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