Elite: Dangerous – release date announced

Elite: Dangerous - release date announced.

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There is more news in the Newsletter no. 48 but the most important and interesting for all of us is for sure the release date. And it was set to Tuesday 16th December!

There are only 15 more days to become a Beta Backer and also only 39 days left to pre-order the game and get nice discount (after release the game will get more expensive).

Do you own Mac? Then we have good news for you!

Elite: Dangerous will be available for Mac next year after we have released the game on PC. To be clear, if you own both a PC and a Mac and want to switch your play between both, you will be able to do so as often as you like, as your ‘save’ is held in the cloud.

And don't forget that Beta 3 is closing November 22nd.

Every Alpha and Beta backer will receive a pre-release ‘Preview’’ build (which we have called Gamma in development-speak in the past) on November 22nd, and can continue to play, receive updates, and help us verify it before the final game is released on December 16th.

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