Elite: Dangerous – Beta 3.9 is live. And it’s huge!

Elite: Dangerous - Beta 3.9 is live. Read about new features and patch notes.

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As promised by David Braben new Beta version 3.9 is now live. This final beta is the final step before gamma and probably not many new features will be added to the game before the release. So what's inside the digital package? Many, many, MANY things. Honestly it is hell of a list of new features, patches, fixes etc. But that's only good, isn't it? 🙂

If you have a leisure time then there is no better moment than now to upgrade the game and play. Trust us. And if you were waiting with the purchase to see all the features and what will be released in few weeks, you can now check it and decide whether to buy Elite: Dangerous or not.

We must pinpoint from the first part of the patch an ingame support for TrackIR and FaceTrackNoIR. Many players will be happy now, that's for sure.

Here is the full list of changes and additions to the game:


– Permits needed to access systems within excluded regions or specific systems requireing permits (like Sol)
– Missions can give permits as rewards
– Mission branching added
– Major faction missions added
– Added many new mission templates
– System states generate USSs and missions
– Multiple user voice comms support added
– Rare goods added
– Fixed event scenarios added
– Added imperial starport variants
– Add custom Earth and Mars to Sol
– Trade Route data for the current system is provided for free upon connecting to the Station Services
– Charge player for non-local trade route data, and ensure the galaxy map updates when it changes
– Dormant fines/bounty support added
– Major faction (Imperial and Federation) missions added
– Permits for systems and regions added
– Added support for the free-track protocol in addition to TrackIR. This will allow FaceTrackNoIR to work with the game without any additional setup
– Support for starports in supercruise added
– Can drop cannisters that aren't marked as stolen
– More variety for USSs added


– Safeguard against a null dereference when changing location
– Fix for crash when unable to lock vertex buffer
– Fix for Nearby Player Faction Choice using Location Information before it's initialised
– Fixed memory leak destroying landing gear on shutdown
– Fix for occasional softlock when quitting the game. This looks to be caused by a trio of components waiting for one another shutdown
– Fix crash when rendering stars
– Fix crash in AI advance
– Fix crash from race condition in phase transitions
– Fix softlock caused by starting a Save and being Deactivated before it finishes
– Fix crash when navigating comms menu
– Fix shutdown soft-lock when we haven't logged in
– Fix a crash on arriving at a system before that system's bodies are created, the player ship would try to do rather unsafe things with no body set
– Deal with jump route requests with max jump distance of zero without asserting
– If one component of a binary star needs to be destroyed while its partner component doesn't handle that case correctly rather that just asserting
– Don't unlock the vertex buffer if it didn't successfully create/Lock when creating distant star billboards
– Fix for rare hard lock during location change (exit)
– Delay creation of PlayerControlDuty until object has gone live
– Added extra check when locking vertex buffer in meteoroids
– Fix memory leak in star system generator
– Fix for countdown exit dialog when in danger softlocking
– Fix crash in AI power distribution
– Fixed the SetStartingLocation activity to wait for the star system to be ready before starting
– Fixes for a few potential normalisation asserts in trails
– Fixed effects crash when fuel scooping in anaconda
– Made sure that the initial star and binary bpdies are given the same body address when generating the system with stars only and the entire system. Fixes a possible softlock in the system map
– When an interdiction breaks because the other party left/disconnected, make sure the Interdictor returns to idle rather than getting stuck
– Disconnects in hyperspace will actually disconnect, rather than softlocking
– Fix softlock by making sure ring cells are destroyed when the ring is not visible
– Crash fix server to support mission data that has no data in a suffix when it was expected
– Fix for some rare scaleform crashes
– Accept/decline mission screen stuck and unselectable after exiting bulletin screen without selecting either fixed
– Fix assert when dropping out of supercruise in an asteroid cluster
– Only ask for a system's controlling minor faction's state if such a faction actually exists
– Bail out of application startup if there are no suitable display modes available


– Added in sets of baked greebles for the Anaconda and Type9, which should optimise these ships considerably
– Enable use of Chaff by AI
– Added baked greebles for the Bernal Sphere station for optimisation
– Added baked greeble optimisation for CobraMKIII
– Fix minor issue that would leave the text mesh renderer always thinking it's seeing a perspective camera
– Set 'Islawless' flag based on whether the controlling faction has laws, instead of whether there is a controlling faction at all. This should also help some AI issues with police in anarchies
– Don't worry about updating asteroids for correct collisions with a player if that player is not a live object
– Added in optimised baked greebles for Hauler
– Tiny fix for insurance screen: don't show redundant options in the odd case where a player has died during the start flow after collecting a fine
– Added optimised baked greebles for the Eagle
– Life-cycle unglitching: if the receiver of an authority transfer causes the object to die immediately (eg its too far from the object) then clear down the authority transfer attempt
– Fix for the player schematic still rotating from user input when the engines have been powered off
– Update time in system map UI
– Fix for some larger ship schematic models intersecting into the landing pad schematic model
– Reduced vertex cost of distant ring cells
– Added muzzle flash lens flares to the multicannon, plasma accelerator, cannon and railgun
– Scientific Outpost – Fixed Z-fighting and deleted geo on LOD 2/3
– Updated the near UV calculation for planetary rings to fix obvious sliding on the Hepa 1 ice ring
– Don't try to pop the system map camera stack override if the startup process was interrupted before the overriding began
– Re-export backer NPC names. This fixes most of the malformed characters used
– Added latest nebula additions
– Fix for cargo collection on Imperial Clipper
– Provide min distance for size scaling to lens flares that scale in size with the source
– Apply min distance for size scaling to supercruise lens flare
– Adjusted station lights so they can be seen better using low graphics settings
– When coming out of a player vs AI interdiction, increase the separation to 500m (from 200m), put the AI within a 45 degree angle of the player's facing direction (was just in the facing direction), and make this behind the player if the AI was doing the interdicting (was always in front).
– Added ship manoeuvrability stats
– Fixed the Dropship outfitting cameras from clipping through the hanger floor
– Improved the look of the Orion nebulae
– Big update to loadouts:
– New miner loadouts, now with refineries.
– Pirate update, hopefully adding more variety
– Added in a trader asp loadout
– Fixed a couple of issues with other trader loadouts
– The ship docking component should not do anything if the ship is dying
– Make the high config default to the nicer AA method Ma
– Small rejig of AI archetype ships, removed Asp from the bounty hunter role and replaced it with the Imperial Clipper
– Slight adjustment to the fed dropship loadouts, to create a more turret orientated ship for AI
– Discard parsed market list items that don't have market data
– Fixed the incorrect ratings for the new modules as they didn't get shifted up by 3 like everything else
– Fixed issue with rings testing their parents object type rather than their own type for determining how they render and generate ring cells
– Fixed station idents not respecting faction
– Memory optimisations for hyperspace effects
– Chance of unlawful AI in a high security system increased from 10% to 30%
– Time between spawns reduced from 20-40s to 10-20s
– Chance of patrolling AI (rather than travelling) increased from 40% to 60%
– Fix star frustum culling to account for glow effect
– Point defence guns now shoot down drones
– Sensors now treat drones like missiles
– Missiles and drones can now include an extra collision capsule which point defence guns can shoot. The idea is to make it a bigger target so point defence can actually hit small fast moving things. The hack to sub-munitions is no more, if you want to shoot a missile with a non point defence you'd better be a good shot
– Imperial Clipper landing gear intersection fix, animation for gear doors
– Landing gear now removes any physics objects it might have attached as the gear is erased on shutdown
– Added thread guards to decals manager
– Pausing on the Starport Services screen now fades out the ship schematic
– Commodities UI art pass
– Added the Asp, Clipper and Dropship to pirates, to add even more variety to their archetype
– The small Fighters no longer have 100000 tonne fuel tanks, meaning they should no longer destroy anacondas and other big ships on impact!
– Fixed not returning to home page when backing out of contacts menu
– Text is cut off when looking at an Anaconda Authority Vessel's faction on the contacts tab of the left hand panel fixed
– FSD charging indicator no longer starts at 100%
– Prevent the first player who asks for missions from influencing the missions that are generated based on his relationship with the minor faction
– Knocked back the red highlight on unselectable shipyard purchase options
– AI should deploy hardpoints upon starting Attack Duty
– Use GPU, not CPU, to populate nebula volume textures from loaded 2D resource
– Rebalances to ships like the asp and empire trader and fixed a bunch or problems with armour values not being set correctly
– Missions Interaction should be informed when mission progression elements are removed form the server mission hub
– Show current player ship in loading screen, when model is available
– Federal distress signal now uses new damaged prototype
– Fixed stars suddenly fading out
– Stop players being spawned inside station geometry when exiting the game during the undocking sequence
– Updated Oculus SDK to version 0.4.3
– Fixed contacts panel so that the table will always have a complete top row
– Show the Excess Value (aka Rebuy cost aka Resurrect cost) in the Commander Status panel
– Only send one telemetry event when disconnecting from missions
– Adjusted maximum vertex and index buffers for planets and stars
– Miniatures (planets and stars in the system map) has smaller buffers now
– Implement regular autosaves
– Updates to the veil nebula west
– Ensure requests for investigation and backup occur on the authority of the ship that's being summoned over to help, otherwise they'll be ignored
– AI miners: don't try to mine ice asteroids, you won't get anything out of them
– If a player is refused docking permission because a station/outpost is full, ask a docked AI ship to leave promptly. If an AI ship is already in the process of doing this, don't force any more to leave
– Speed up take-off from outposts, it doesn't need to be that slow
– Soften the edges of the flame nebula
– Improved nebulas inter sorting
– A few bug fixes to handle unexpected non live drone game objects
– Cockpit side panels don't work in shipyard fixed
– Make sure constraints on text width work correctly when kerning is factored in on text mesh renderer
– Reworked real stars renderer to improve the performance
– Damage Client now clamps its health. This will fix a rare bug where the server would reject a save because a module reported having health outside.
– Mouse over selects systems in Galaxy Map when rotating using the Left Mouse Button fixed
– Added a little bit the the horse head to make the shape a bit more recognisable
– Reorder of the control scheme prorities. Now the order is UI > GalaxyMap > Panel controls > everything else
– When docked, we should be able to discard cargo in the same way that we would jettison cargo when not docked (but without spawning the cargo canister)
– AI – improve lead for best weapon logic/firing logic
– Tidying up the edge work and increasing the source image size to help improve the quality of the flames on the final vector output of the Cobra hotrod paintjob
– Enforce single login for client
– Improvements to slugshot muzzle flash effect
– Stars of classes without dedicated noise files now calculate which noise file is best suited for them, based on temperature. This should provide better visuals for Wolf-Rayette, carbon stars, and proto-stars.
– The client should send the appropriate language code to the news API
– Improvements to slugshotimpact effects
– Brightened the appearance of the system map icons for missions and ships
– Traffic reduction (frame rate improvement): NewObjectLetters are only sent once even if several stimuli happened before the first opportunity to send
– Frame rate improvement: WeaponControl: remove replication spew when there's a targeted ship, especially bad if there's a ship being given a bad day by a space station
– Fix non-station bodies were all lawless
– Art tweaks on Dropship
– Update thrusters effects to be more analogue
– Give AIs the same requirement as the players to be moving at a sufficiently high speed before hyperspacing away
– Improved the speed of the system generation
– Fixed an error with the generation causing extremely hot Ice worlds
– Improved the authored Earthlike and terraforming calculations, now it can figue out a way to make Mars an Earthlike
– Extended the number of nebulas that are in front of the dust billboards
– The distance from the camera position to the nebulas are based now on the centre of the nebulas instead of the bounding sphere
– Fix for a small slot mismatch on Imperial Clipper AI loadouts
– AI firing missiles should have an in-built cooldown, rather than activity based
– AI ships should be suspicious of certain threatening behaviour by players
– Lens flare optimisations
– Prevent accepting a mission if the player has a bad reputation with the mission giver
– Prevent accepting a mission if the mission has less than 10 minutes remaining to complete it
– When a player is successfully scanned by an authority ship, don't allow other authorities to interdict them until after the player next leaves supercruise
– Correctly rank a machine against other machines after its sent its first parcel in a frame
– Apply network bandwidth limits in all versions of the game, not just Profile
– Turreted weapons/point defence turrets do not use fire groups. Do not warn the player about them not being assigned to fire groups when leaving outfitting
– Re-instate packet flow control regulation
– Minor factions now show in the location panel and on targetted (local) location panel.
– Display the outpost type in the targetted location panel
– Distinguish between items flagged by the server as buyback <bb>, and those that are not
– Actually disable interdictions when offline, e.g. in tutorials
– Don't allow the mission generator to generate multiple missions for a single template (reduces the number of missions at a station)
– Improved the scaling on ScaleformLabel so that system names fade better with respect to the mission and ship icons
– We now distinguish between stations and outpost nav icons
– Optimisations in class generation of new stars when viewing the core in the galaxy map
– Optimise glass shattering
– Galaxy map art-pass plus support for data-driven buttons on info panel popup
– Outfitting reskin
– Continually update the Info panel when browsing shop item
– The 'ok' button is hard to find on the Livery, when applying a paint job when one isn't available fixed
– Allowed the player to supercruise through the visual gaps in the rings without getting mass-locked
– Missions no longer displayed if the player doesn't reach the reputation required for a mission
– Clean the Exploration data correctly instead of allowing an assert to occur
– You can now scan asteroid clusters to the basic level, much like planets, etc
– Fix for the way thrusters cut out. should now behave much more smoothly
– When acknowledging replications, don't queue a backlog, instead send the most recent one once
– Loading screen assets update
– For scanner modules, in OutfittingItemInfo add range and time to scan
– Checks along the line of mouse input, to try catch when not-a-number values are creeping in when the window does not have focus
– Update to the status panel:
– 3 separate ranks
– Faction icons
– Coriolis art tweaks
– Don't award combat skill points when committing a murder
– Changed the Station Type for manually added outposts so that they show with the correct icon
– Insurance screen selection tweaks
– Remove a authored asteroid scenario in dahan that is now out of the ring
– Fix for QNAN cursor position when outside the letterbox area
– Award combat skill points to killer on player death
– Fix bug where bounties were still being converted to fines
– Added credit balance to galaxy map
– Make the gui behave appropriately for asteroid clusters and exploration
– Reduce the call spew when authority is transferred
– AI – stop group members from jumping away when their leadship dies if they are in a minor faction that is at war
– Changed deferred shading depth stencil state to use greater-equal instead of greater. May prevent lights from failing when precision starts to run out
– Fix mission cargo not being unlinked on mission end
– Fix memory corruption when changing graphics configuration
– Removed some Galaxy map data (wanted status, security) that we can't support at this level
– Added very short star descriptions for the target info panel
– Reordered the system popup data gathering code so it requests the server data after the short delay of spooling up the system. Therefore, should reduce the load on the server when player is moving the selection through a number of systems before coming to rest
– Hauler door animations updated
– Disabling RepairsPanelItemRenderer when corresponding item is 100% health
– Outfitting fix for info panel updates
– Tweak A class stars to appear more bright
– Dropship art tweaks
– If we do not want to update m_nearbyMouseCursorSystem then do not clear it either, this stops the gui flicking on and off when you hover over the pop up menu
– Add details of planetary rings to planet info pane in system map
– Trade route data is time stamped and expires after 24 hours
– Retry user login on failure, just in case it was a one-off
– Add controlling minor factions and allegiance to pop-up in system map for stations
– Implement gating missions based on universal commander ranks
– Add mission gating by commander rank
– Made sure rings only have the correct material type in them, i.e. no 1000K ice rings
– When we are no longer considering what items to equip to a slot, we should display the ship info for the current ship, not accounting for module changes
– Fixing the render order of the cockpit struts on the Asp
– Fix for some broken pirate Asp loadouts, and adjusted one of the miner ones
– Some rework in icy planets
– A fix for planet texture generation with SLI/Crossfire
– When comparing items and pushing ship info to the UI, we should consider the hyperdrive's max fuel consumption. We should also consider the effect of increasing/decreasing module mass on jump distance
– Viper – Bring the left & right rail panels forward to avoid clipping with the cockpit struts. Rescaled in the prototype to shrink the perceived size back down to offset the change in position
– Fixed bug where shadow near clamping was being incorrectly applied when running with inverted depth. Fixes shadow glitches seen inside space stations and on capital ships
– When leaving supercruise safely at a station, ring or asteroid cluster (notably, not interdiction), use an 8km arrival zoom
– When Leaving supercruise into a ring scenario, no longer snap us to the scenario transform, instead appear at the edge of the ring pointing at the scenario
– Prevent camera shake going mental if you're several times faster than normal max speed
– Correct the direction shove when dropping inside s body so that we no longer appear facing away from clusters
– Increase containment radius of clusters so we don't get very odd effects flying more than a few kilometers from them
– Increase the containment height of rings to a megametre so you can actually manoeuvre close to them without the reference-shift screwing with things
– Fixed the misaligned "Charging" text
– Vary player's ship's conspicuousness based on their reputation with the faction which the scanning ship is from
– Stop AIDefenceComponent from continually unsetting deploy-hardpoints, and continually set it while scanning
– Additional backer NPC names added
– Fix for spinning ship on loading screen disappearing while wearing the Oculus Rift
– Groups UI fixes
– Allow for player dying while saving
– When a ship explodes before the local instance has gone live, dispose of the local instance instead of leaving a dead carcase lying around
– Fix to prevent pow of 0.f in the fresnel shader for ring fog
– Reduce frequency of USS scenarios
– Correction to depth link for restore nodes to stop the softlock when in low settings
– Added missing camera shake parameters to Imperial Clipper and toned them down a bit
– Toning down the harshness of the external cockpit materials to help improve the look of the glass canopies
– Matching the position of the schematic export to that of the actual ship, so that the GUI schematic sits where it's supposed to for the Hauler
– In normal space, non-authority, non-interdictors won't scan ships (NPCs or players) with a rank 5 or more levels below theirs
– If a drone control module game object vanishes some how without destroying it's drones, prevent the drone from trying to use a non existent controller
– Fixed nebula seams. Now when capturing the galaxy background, the nebulas are sorted once and they are all consistent in the different faces of the cube
– Removed UV symmetry that was giving an obvious seam down the centre of the Asp's canopy
– Slight tweak to front-end menu meshes – now in-line with other fullscreen UI's
– Set up kerning tables for TextMesh fonts – this should vastly improve the look and spacing of our text on spacestations etc
– Dropship now does have a ship preview on the contacts panel
– Refinery shown as unpowered in Cargo panel fixed
– Distinguish between stolen contraband and owned contraband in the market interaction
– Fix a bug where replacing modules on a proxy ship would result in the module not being registered with ModuleProvider
– Replicate MiningChunks correctly. They should be spawned in the same session as the ship that spawns them. Their positions should be replicated at least every 2 seconds
– Disabled depth test when downsampling and blurring the nebulas
– Auto-naming for military ships based on faction
– Eagle art tweaks
– Added game pad PIDs and VIDs to hopefully catch every possible controller out there that resembles an xbox 360 pad
– Player reputation with police ship faction will affect the chance of interdiction
– Fuel and Damage Regions weren't save/loading properly
– Fix for unable to turn on fullscreen mode when Oculus is set to Direct mode (even if not rendering to it).
– Police and bounty hunters never interdict "clean" players
– GPU optimisations and simplification of the beam renderer
– Added combat bonds icon to the station menu
– Repair Wear and Tear looks clickable and not red at 0% fixed
– Newsfeed only shows first line of report fixed
– Updated the cluster icon on the target panel
– White dwarves should now appear brighter and bluer
– Fix range checks for groups of ships deciding to attack
– Centered some schematics and changed the scale for the Dropship in the ship buying menu
– We should be able to eject cargo and allow other players to pick it up without it being flagged as stolen "Jettison (Abandoned)"
– Improved the appearance of the front cockpit wanted graphic
– Improved handling of multiple errors in stations
– More subtle colour on hyperspace wake
– Check group member has a faction before checking the faction state, it can be validly null
– Re-skinned the station dialog box to match UI style in the station menus
– The distance that jump routes are displayed/calculated to for the galaxy map is now linked to the "focus range"; i.e. the view distance for stars in the galaxy map
– AI composition affected by system state
– Tweaks to the reputation pag of the status panel
– Highlighting of bounty, rep and wanted status
– Changed the alpha blending equation of the nebulas
– Can spawn debris in USSs
– Adjust the magnetism of the galaxy map camera so that you can actually escape the currently targeted star at default zoom level
– Bring back the 15s In Danger timer
– Fixed Nav beacons removed, these are now done automatically in populated systems based on controlling minor factions major faction
– Updated massive star list
– Outpost icon/ident added to stations services UI
– Cobra cockpit art updates
– When requesting docking, have a station respond with a greeting based on the faction's standing with the player
– Block all new object letters when we start our close-down sequence
– Medium pad and lift lowers an extra metre
– Fixed mouse scrolling on system map
– Greatly reduced the execution time for the texture generations in all planet types
– Repair and refuel costs should vary depending on the player's reputation with the station's faction
– Small tweaks to the new outpost ident animation – should look cleaner at lower resolutions
– Show the damage of a module on the item compare screen. New modules all come with full health, but old ones may be damaged
– Status screen now shows reputation deltas
– Made missions remain on side panel when failed
– Fix for engine trails inheriting very large velocities when zoom-arriving in from super cruise, and generally looking a bit weird when it overtakes you
– Galaxy Map changes.
– Can now buy exploration data within the map.
– Changed when the trade data purchase option shows up (same range as the exploration data).
– Changed how you set a system as your destination and displaying pertinent permit data.
– Removed old static route lines (they are superseded by the dynamic ones).
– Improved the appearance of the missions panel pop up
– Updated internal panel pop up style
– Disabled depth testing for all the objects rendered in the galaxy map
– Display star catalogue information in galaxy map info panel
– Fix checks for illegal cargo when AI are ejecting cargo and want to only eject legal items
– Fix for using the incorrect height of the ring for testing point in volume
– "Wanted" status is now shown on minor faction controlled objects on SystemMap when the bounty has been emitted by the parent major faction
– Clear down all wake sessions when quitting to main menu, or shutting down game
– Display all banned and restricted cargoes for a market, not just the top 3
– Renamed stellar rings to be called belts
– Add pip management for AIs
– Adjusted the Empire trader's headlights
– Made colour of charge bar less bright
– Changed how the server calculates the value of a body. This prevents terraformable bodies having an extremely large value
– Modules with ammo now display the quantity of ammo they have along side their name in the module management panel
– Show imports and exports from trade route data on commodities screen
– Support automatically picking loadouts based on archetype, prototype *and faction* for military archetypes
– Updates to commuter behaviour. Added new prototypes, added chance of having cargo (before ships that might have cargo always had to have at least some cargo), changed jump away and scan detection options, and added piracy response
– Fix for an uninitialised value sometimes being set for the supercruise radar range
– Minor factions now have a government type assigned to them
– Update the the name generation to take into account the government type
– Some tweaks the generation of the minor faction initial state
– Allow modules to be targettable using the targeting system
– Missions can now influence the USS table by overriding the weights for named player events at each stage
– If we get no response from MtuDiscovery, try again without the DF flag set; if that fails, fall back to a very small>
– Added ship graveyard scenario where pirates could show up
– Semi major axis for stations are now expressed in km, ring masses in megatonnes & belt masses in Moon masses
– Graphics optimisations to trails for the 4 different graphics options
– New 'internal' tab in outfitting
– Alt-Enter (fullscreen toggle) no longer works on the Oculus Rift
– Failing to update a mission when we can recover from it will no longer disconnect the player
– Criminal Outposts can now accept medium sized ships
– Update to galaxy map visualisation colours
– Implement PowerUse Deployed/Retracted in OutfittingShipInfo
– Improved criminal outpost signage and lighting
– Tweaks to the commodities market layout
– Removed some greebles which interfere with longer station nameson the Coriolis
– When reporting a checksum error, distinguish between the case where we think the machine is connected, and disconnected
– Galaxymap billboards rotating when using Oculus Rift fixed
– Persist state of cockpit and cargo hatch
– Prioritise machines in forward order relative to each other (instead of reverse order). Sorts out connectivity and rubber banding issues when the network is at capacity – a machine with a high urgency letter will get it sent
– Fix rounding errors on ammo prices
– Changed the way the high res nebula in the background is chosen. Now its based on screen size
– More pirates in anarchy supercruise
– If the player interdicts a pirate, keep them in their Ambush Pirate behaviour, rather than switching back to the generic Pirate (which will cause them to only attack if you have cargo)
– Upped the number of AI ships in super cruise, especially in lower pop systems
– Upped the chance of pirates choosing to interdict the player
– Slight adjustment to the BH's chance to interdict wanted ships
– In anarchy systems only, supercruising bounty hunters use global bounty to decide which percentage interdiction chance to use
– Non-police patrolling ships ignore targets with an elite ranking *6* or more below theirs, not 5
– Bring back separate Hyperspace/Supercruise keys; the context-sensitive key is still there too
– Inc

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