Elite: Dangerous – beta 2 in a week

Elite: Dangerous - beta 2 in a week with many updates.

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We should many new features starting on 30th of September. Beta 2 is coming and what will be our new toys ingame?

1. Rankings

Yes, finally you can become ELITE. But it will take some hardwork to get there. But all of other players could see that you have made it.

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2. Map systems and new space to explore

There is going to be new detailed system map for each star system. You can also start moving towards the unknown star systems up to 100 years far away. There should be about 500 of them and all the discoveries can be sold to the authorities. So more cash for you!

3. Asp explorer

Yeah, new ship on the way!

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4. Modifying ships

Beta 2 will provide much greater variety for modifying all types of ship. New different engines, hyperdrives, sensors, shields and so on. And you will get better information on upgrades to be able to decide more with your brain than just by chance. And beware the ships and their systems will get older, less efficient and used. So fly smart.

5. New weapons

Of course there are new weapons! New missiles, plasma accelerators, cannon and mines! And what's more you could open the cargo hatch of shieldless ship with new toys and get all the stuff sucked out to the space :-).

6. Outposts, starports

The windswept motel are to be found in the more off-the-beaten-track places of Beta 2.

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Occelus starport types were shipped out. They are stronger, better protected from radiation and more expensive than the Coriolis class stations and slightly smaller, and much smaller than the giant Orbis.

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7. Other news

– you will be able to track other ships in the hyperspace and follow them. 

– better tutorial and single-player experience

– graphical upgrades to the planetary rings and more

– a lot more music

– possibility to play in 4K definition

I think that we can say without worries that it sounds great! Now wait another 7 long days…

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