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Elite: Dangerous – Newsletter 45

Elite: Dangerous - Newsletter 45.

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There is going to be an event with the fans of E:D and its community in Duxford, Camberidgeshire in UK on Nobember 11th.

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Mining. Mining! MINING! 

From Beta 3 you will have a chance to use your prospectins skills and make some credits by mining!

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And of course the richness awaits in the unexplored territories where the the belts are not extracted and less competitors around you.

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You can buy in the E:D shop also promoted X52 Pro controller but honestly if you take a look at amazon or ebay you can still get it cheaper then in E:D store…

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New forum is coming on October 23rd. There will be a complete overhaul.

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And many more. Check the link below to find the rest of news but the most important are already here.

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