5 of the Best Third-party Tools for Elite Dangerous: Horizons

This article tells you about some of the best third-party tools for Elite Dangerous: Horizons provided by the game’s community. If you’re looking for better tools than those within the game’s galaxy and system maps, check out the third-party tools below.

5 of the best third-party tools for Elite Dangerous: HorizonsElite Dangerous: Horizons is a space flight game in which players engage in trading, combat, and exploration to enhance four pilot ranks. It’s somewhat easier to become an elite pilot by utilizing the best third-party tools for Elite Dangerous: Horizons. There are numerous third-party tools, typically incorporated within websites and software, that can be invaluable for ED pilots.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons’ third-party tools are mainly databases for that game. Those databases can help you quickly and easily find equipment, ships (for purchase), commodities, and the most lucrative trade routes between star systems within the Elite universe. These are some of the best third-party tools for Elite Dangerous: Horizons that provide invaluable game data.

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1. Elite & Dangerous Roguey

The Elite & Dangerous Roguey website includes one of the most comprehensive Elite Dangerous: Horizons databases. There you can quickly and easily find the equipment and commodities you need anywhere within the Elite universe. The primary tool on this website is its Trader Helper, with which you can find the best buy/sell prices for commodities within 10-75 light-years of your location. It lists commodity availability and prices for stations, outposts, planetary bases, and mega-ships.

The Elite & Dangerous Roguey website

The Elite & Dangerous Roguey website

Aside from its database, Elite & Dangerous Roguey includes a ship build tool that you can set up, view, and save alternative ship configurations with. You can discuss Elite Dangerous, and other gaming topics, on this website’s forum. It also includes a series of beginner and more advanced player guides that incorporate videos.

2. EDDiscovery

EDDiscovery is the most comprehensive Elite Dangerous software tool for Windows that many players utilize for tracking their travels, trading, combat, and more besides. This software keeps a record of your ED history within journals for commodities and mission lists. With EDDiscovery, you can set up and plan routes and keep track of your exploration. This utility incorporates both 2D and 3D galaxy maps. It also integrates with the EDDB and Inara databases mentioned below. The official EDDiscovery video below provides further details for this software.


The EDDB (Elite: Dangerous Database) website is one that’s easy to navigate and acts as a database for all the game’s data. So, it provides extensive data for all the game’s star systems, stations, player factions, attractions, and more besides. This is a fantastic tool for traders as it displays lists for minimum buying and maximum selling stations as well as the closest ones to obtain specified commodities at. With that, you can easily identify good stations to maximize trade profits at. EDDB also provides single-hop, multi-hop, and loop trade router finder tools.

The EDDB website

The EDDB website

4. Inara

Inara isn’t exactly a full Elite Dangerous database like EDDB, but it includes some very handy tools for the game. My favorite is the Market tool that lists some of the most lucrative round trip trade routes between a couple of docking stations within two specified star systems. With that utility, you can quickly find trade routes that return big 10,000-20,000 per-unit profits.

Inara includes a Squadron tool that lists large and small squadrons within the Elite Dangerous: Horizons universe. That tool provides further details for all the various squadrons listed. It also enables players (logged into Inara) to join squadrons by clicking the Join This Squadron button.

The Inara website

The Inara website

This website is also has a great community behind it. Its News tab includes all the latest Galnet news and a Logbook archive of player journeys updated by Elite commanders. If you register on Inara, you can participate on its unofficial commander rankings. So, Inara is much more than just a boring database.

5. Elite Dangerous Trading Guide

The Elite Dangerous Trading Guide is, as you might guess, a website that provides tools specifically for ED trading. The Trade Router Planner is this site’s primary tool that lists the best commodities to trade between two specified stations. You can find the most profitable trading options at a specific station with this website’s Trade Assistant tool. Elite Dangerous Trading Guide also includes tools that display trade data for stations and find the closest stations to specified star systems that buy/sell a particular commodity.

The Elite Dangerous Trading Guide website

The Elite Dangerous Trading Guide website

There’s also a separate Elite Dangerous Trading Guide app for Android mobiles and Amazon Kindle devices. That app includes the same tools as its website. However, you can utilize the app on your phone or tablet instead of within a web browser.

Those are five of the best third-party tools for Elite Dangerous: Horizons that will help you quickly find what you’re searching for, be it equipment, commodities, or even squadrons, within Elite’s vast universe. They’re especially good tools for pilots looking for lucrative trade routes to propel them up the Trader ranks.

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