Elite: Dangerous or Star Citizen? Video comparison.

Elite: Dangerous or Star Citizen? Video comparison.

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CaptainShack, from TGN compares two of the most promising upcoming Space Sim games on the market. What are the main differences? What you should expect of them? Should you buy SC or E:D or both?

Star Citizen vs Elite: Dangerous - Complete Breakdown


  1. Annual distance between the release of games offers the opportunity to play both.


    I played Elite beta and I agree that it is a super game. Unfortunately, the generic systems is what discourages me. I prefer uniqueness in front of the gray reality.



    Star Citizen is for me, in the last two years the destination to which I’m going.


    I think it’s obvious which of the games is more important for me. But certainly I recommend to anyone who likes space simulators, to try both.

    • Howgh! 🙂


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