Elite: Dangerous – absolutely wonderful piracy video

Elite: Dangerous - absolutely wonderful piracy video.

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One of the best video you can find on the web. It is showing a lot of the game mechanics which are not so commonly used by players and all of them are described with subtitles. Wonderful!

You can see and learn how to:

1. Scan a ship

2. Follow the ship to the hyperspace

3. Catching the hauler 

4. Trying to get its cargo out without destroying it

5. Know when you must get off when security is around

6. How to kill ASP in few seconds

7. How to dock on a station in a system where is a bounty on your head

8. Use silent mode

9. Almost die flying out of the station 🙂

10. Learn to make loops 🙂

Isinona really knows how to flight and understands the E:D mechanics. So enjoy the ride!

'Elite: Dangerous' Beta v2.05 - Scourge (Flight Assist Off)

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