Elite: Dangerous – Gamma 2.00 incoming right now

Elite: Dangerous - Gamma 2.00 incoming right now. #elitedangerous

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Gamma 2.00 is coming to our clients right now. What's in it?

Long awaited features like Route planner!


– Add Lakon Type 7 playable ship
– Add Adder playable ship
– Route planning added
– Alliance stations now have their own colour swatch
– Scenarios in system updated on state change
– Slavery missions and commodities added

And an audio change log:


– New ships: audio for Orca, Type7, and Adder.
– Audio Options Screen: New stuff added, including tooltips.
– Dynamic Range: 3 Dynamic range options added … “standard speakers/Headphones” mode, which is the same as previous releases, with a target integrated volume of approx -23dB EBU R128. A low dynamics “Night-Time” mode for playing at low volumes, without losing too much detail, or getting blown away by loud sounds. And a high dynamic “Home Cinema” mode for powerful speakers at loud volumes. The new modes are a “work in progress”, so feedback from players is very welcome.
– Many optimisations to increase performance.
– GUI: Station Menu has ambiences for each section.
– GUI: Transaction in outfitting has specific sounds for each module purchased.
– GUI: Added menu sounds for front end.
– Comms: Made text alert and voice ring tones audible in main menu.
– Ambiences: Added Ambience to represent heat near stars.
– Ambiences: Added ambience for volcanic planets and black holes.
– Cockpit: Female breathing added to Remlok O2 mask.
– Cockpit: Alarms when the ship heats up.
– Cockpit: Gui Glitches in the cockpit are audible now and voice has a chance to glitch when receiving damage.
– Cockpit: Ship ambiences are now unique per manufacturer with additional elements added for some ships.
– Weapons: Sounds for tiny hardpoint animations and chaff launcher deploy/stow sounds added.
– Weapons: New audio for hardpoint doors.
– Weapons: Empire Combat Laser Unit has specific firing sounds.
– Physics: Better explosion sounds on containers and missiles.
– Gameplay: Black Box sounds.


– Optimized audio assets and implementation to be more CPU and memory efficient.
– Re-organised audio files to reduce download sizes.
– Dropped volumes of some frame-shift bits that were overblown.
– Tweaked mastering limiter and dynamic range safety compressors.
– Re-jigged dynamic reverb system to be more robust and consistent.
– Most ships have had a balancing/mixing pass and improvements to responsiveness, acceleration, pitch, yaw and roll.
– Tweaked repetitive nature of ship-voice when under attack/taking damage.
– Interdiction sounds for increasing the blue or red bar made louder.
– Smoother transitions on the sequence landing > hangar bay > station menu.
– Improvements to outfitting hangar ambience/reverb.
– Tweaks and improvements to how landing pads and lifts sound.
– Improve consistency of ship voice volume and removed ship voice from centre channel.
– Made the ship voice follow the overall game volume more closely, for better audibility.
– Various music volume tweaks.
– Made drone-y parts of FSD engine noise only occur during accelerations.
– Fixed volume differences between win/lose menu music and menu music.
– Tweaked the transition into frame-shift to be more seamless.
– Tweaked ship flybys to be more audible.
– Tweaked cannon firing on others to be the same volume as all weapons.
– Added sound for incoming homing missiles.
– Improved transitions that are based on player location.
– Tweaked loud missile lock-on sound.
– Target hit indicator is now audible on all weapons.
– Tweaked reverbs around rings, stations, capital ships etc.
– Tweaks overly loud outpost.
– Pass on the adder. Addered (!) some details.
– Tweaked massively loud gurgle-y outpost (no more drinks for you outpost!)
– Tweaked the way audio cross-fades when zooming in and out in the system map.
– Multi-Cannon pass, try them… just…prtt goodness : )
– Tweaked Pulse-laser small to be more like the version from beta, but removed the low end thumping that was causing mixing issues. (Thank you forum, keep listening and keep sending us those tickets!)
– Duncan Vs. Outposts. Round 1. Optimisations galore!
– Mixed Comms sounds for players going online/offline, incoming player message, incoming authority message and incoming npc message.

And many, MANY tweaks and fixes. Trust us or visit the complete patch notes here.

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