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New free update for Elite Dangerous on PS4 releases Feb 27th

Free upcoming Elite Dangerous update brings new enhancements such as a Crime and Punishment system, mission reward choice, improved trade data, upgraded Galnet Audio and Chieftain ship among others. E...

Why Elite Dangerous Is A Culture Shock To Console Gamers

Reading the above title, you may assume it has negative connotations. It may well do to some. But to this sim inexperienced gamer, limited to the buttons on his controller, Elite: Dangerous has been a...

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Elite: Dangerous – PAX East screens and videos

After being overwhelmed by gamers, developers, media, cosplayers, and anyone related to, or passionate about, gaming for 3 days, Boston's PAX East has a lot of video content for Elite: Dangerous fans....

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Elite: Dangerous – planetary landing launch trailer

Are you impatient? Do you want to ride on a planet far, far away in our Galaxy? Wait few more days and you will be able to! What else to say? The official announcement is more than enough. This week, ...

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Elite: Dangerous – dreams come true?

#EliteDangerous - Another great video showing what we can expect from the planetary landings DLC. Watch Imperial Cutter and Starport on a planet in real size. Now the game seems even more similar to S...

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Elite: Dangerous – video of a planetary raid

If you still consider to buy or not to buy the DLC then check this new video of planetary raiding. Time when you will be able to raid with friends planetary bases, where you will be riding in a SRV an...

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Elite: Dangerous – planetary landing & news

David Braben has uploaded a short video showing an un-edited capture from Horizons expansion. But what else is preparing for the players? The expansion should be release in winter 2015 and more update...

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Elite: Dangerous – close quaters combat video

Isinona is showins us again his skills while trying this new game mode CQC. See it for yourself. There is not must to add because you must see how close to obstacles is Isinona able to fly. Great skil...

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Elite: Dangerous – flying race

Elite: Dangerous - do you like Isinona's videos showing the game the best possible way? He has few thousands of fans and here you can again see why. It is hard not to love Isinona's videos. He re...

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