Elite: Dangerous – impressions

Elite: Dangerous - impressions on Massively.

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Jef Reahard from Massively wrote his impressions of the game. It's not a review yet but his words are mostly confirming what others are saying. That Elite: Dangerous becomes very good game in the space sim trend which appeared few months back during the E:D and Star Citizen campaigns. 

Both games should be supported by players to experience wonderful space stories in the near future. They are not competitors (at least not yet) and both are focusing a little bit on a different side of game mechanics. 

And as was said many times the core mechanics of E:D is well done. Flying, shooting and earning money for the next ship is hell of a space ride. The only downsides right now are lacking multiplayer features, missing possibility to wander around the space stations and the whole FPS mode to be able to exit your ship's cockpit.

But we must wait and everything will be possible. Until then sit in your cockpit and kill some pirates or players! 🙂

Whole article can be found here.

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