Elite: Dangerous – Beta 3 is here

Elite: Dangerous - Beta 3 is here.

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Right now the servers are down for about 2 hours. So the patch should be implemented very soon.

Here is a complete list of changes what you will enjoy hopefully today. Below are some of the most important features without bug fixes and optimization:


– New ship – Imperial Clipper added
– New ship – Federal Dropship added
– Added player driven interdiction
– Players can now interdict NPC ships and the NPC will be recreated in normal space along with the player (player interdiction is also possible)
– Fuel scooping from stars added
– Asteroid mining added (metal and rock)
– Players can own multiple ships
– Play area expanded (capsule 350ly long, radius 37 ly – 2400+ systems)
– Planet visuals overhaul
– Planet liquid colours now reflect chemical composition
– Atmospheric colours now reflecting their chemical composition
– Surface types and colours now reflect chemical composition
– Planets display volcanic features
– Complex Craters can create dust ejecta
– Crater frequency dependent on atmosphere thickness
– Ice planets now have fracture features
– Dynamic ice caps on all planets
– Dynamic liquid levels on all planets
– Asteroid belt clusters added
– Nebulae added to galaxy map
– Nebulae added to sky map rendering
– Make outpost landing pads more zero-g
– Status panel now shows faction reputation
– Improved range display and route finding in galaxy map
– Philanthropy missions added
– Partial name searching added to galaxy map
– Additional ships added to loading screen


– Music – Music replaced with mastered assets – Combat/Supercruise/Bookend/Station etc
– Audio Gameplay – Sounds added for Fuel scooping, refinery, heat damage
– Audio Gameplay – Sounds added for Mining laser, asteroid chunks and related physics
– Audio Gameplay – Sounds added to FSD interdictor module, and interdiction gameplay
– Audio Ships – Sounds added for Imperial Clipper
– Audio Ships – Sounds added for Dropship
– Audio Options – Added more ways to personalise the audio in the options menu. Work in Progress.
– Audio Ambience – When entering rings, the stellar ambiences shift to a ring specific ambience.
– Audio GUI – The passive target scanner (select ship) now has audio notifications
– Audio GUI – Docking offenses will now result first in alarm sounds before (still) death.
– Audio GUI – Sound when flipping through sub targets.
– Audio Physics – New impact and physics sounds for ice and metal asteroids.
– Audio – Turning lights on/off is now audible.
– Audio Ships – Other ships Frameshift jump improvements including charge up
– Audio – New Remlok O2 mask/breathing sounds
– Audio Voice – Various new Ship Voice Alerts added
– Audio Voice – New ship voice system. More scalable and robust for future development.

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