Elite: Dangerous – News & 1.05 update

Elite: Dangerous - News & 1.05 update.

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There are 2 big news today. 

patch 1.05

First new patch 1.05 was deployed and here are the Patch notes:

– Fixed crash when launching limpets
– Fixed some system meta data mismatches between client and server
– Memory use improvements and fixes on server
– Fix assert when someone manages to select 'declare bankruptcy' button before UI receives proper data from the game
– Optimise mission template list selection
– When switching servers do not disconnect during the transfer
– Added telemetry for when a player dies to help identify cause of death when players explode near stations
– Added further telemetry to trace failed resource loading
– Fix large quantity missions using "light cargo" text
– Fix salavage coms lines
– Correct reputation on abandon branch of pirate missions
– Fix incorrect destination for massacre branch money collection
– Fix salvage mission branching
– Change order of mission contracts in massacre missions
– Change data that is displayed to players in massacre missions

Server Updates:

– Fixed some issues that stopped some Commanders logging into the Companion App
– Stopped wars and civil wars in star systems with only 1 minor faction in that state
– Added ship discount to Founders World
– Various reliability and performance improvements

Edit – A hot fix has been applied for a server memory leak.

future development

And second, Michael Brookes gave us some very interesting information about the future development.

  • Patches like today the 1.05 will be released on a regular basis and will respond to the current needs and bugs

  • More significant updates like 1.1 or 1.2 will be first tested in the Beta stage and after about a week later will be implemented to the game. Players will be able to get to the test but more information about it will be available later on.

  • Paid expansions are going to be released but there are no details about them yet.

  • First significant update 1.1 will enter beta in the first week of February. 1.1 update will introduce a new way to collaborate with other players in preparation for 1.2's major Wings update. In 1.1 also the maximum distance for the route planner will extend up to 1,000 light years.

  • 1.2 update should enter beta testing in the first week of March. More details will be released later but it will bring the Wings and more multiplayer goodness. (Finally!)

And what's even more great, Isinona made another remarkablevideo while trying to get to a place for to kill the biggest Federation pirate with almost million credits on his head. Don't miss it and we hope that Isinona will publish soon the next chapter :-).

'Elite:Dangerous' v1.03 - Tracker: Part 1 (Flight Assist Off)

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