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There were announced some important news lately today. And yesterday. 

First as was written here there were some severe issues on January 1st which led to more problems. You can now meet few billionaires in the galaxy for example. But everything is being taken care of and even the bug made by the database issue is no more existing.

From the announcement few hours ago there are still some commanders with connection issues. However tomorrow we should see a permanent, automatic fix and the Server Status Page informing if the universe is "behaving" correctly.

Getting larger ships is more expenses than it is worth; no proper scaling. True?

One of the interesting thread at the forum can be found here. What's inside? Red Fox Four commander thinks about the expenses to maintain and fly a huge ship. That in the current state of the game there is no need to buy anything bigger than Cobra. Because the expenses needed for repair for example for Clipper only for the interdiction is 25.000 credits. And trying to repair your hull from 40% to 100% costs 380.000 credits. All in all even if you would like to make some more difficult missions to make the award worth of risk you can't. There are no such missions yet.

FD said that the expenses for repair or refuel will be lowered but what about the other issues? Like it is said later it feels like doing normal MMO level 10 quest with level 90 character and have no access to level 90 quests…

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