Elite: Dangerous – 1.06 patch and 1.1 patch preview

Elite: Dangerous - 1.06 patch and 1.1 patch preview. Also take a look at 2nd part of Isinona's hunt.

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There were not big changes in the last patch but still good to know that bugs are being fixed.

Client Changes

– Make sure that station doors do not kill players in stations
– Stability fix for memory allocation on textures
– Prevent recycling of the mission list so the same mission cannot be taken over and over again
– Fix for matchmaking in private groups
– Add more telemetry to continue investigation on why some resourses don't load on some machines
– Add more telemetry for player collisions
– Some mission text fixes

Server Changes

– Memory optimisations for scenario handling
– Improvements to space station news generated from background simulation events
– No longer treat commodities as prohibited in the system map or on trade route data for space stations that have temporarily declared them legal
– Fix a bug that sometimes prevented a starsystem's government type and major faction allegiance changing
– System change queues no longer stall
– Fixed issue with influence from a faction from a different system not being applied to the correct system
– Added a safety net so that permits awarded on faction ranks (Imperial and Federal) will be forcibly added at the rank above if the player hasn't been able to access the mission for whatever reason

You can also admire city lights on a terraformed Mars in the Sol system:

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New interesting infomration is from Michael Brookes about Communit goals.

Community Goals are a type of shared objective that give players everywhere a reason to gather to support or resist a cause, sometimes with trade, sometimes with combat, but always in massive numbers. If a system is in the midst of a famine, a Community Goal might urge players to bring many thousands of tonnes of food to the system; if a system is under siege, a Community Goal could ask players to unite against the invaders, and ultimately provide a meaningful reward for players who participate.

Success or failure will have dramatic impacts on the fate of the galaxy, and we’re excited to see how players collaborate together in these epic-scale events at the beginning of February. 

You can read an interview with a little bit more details at PC Gamer.

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How many system were already explored of the 400 billion? Only 615,475! Which is 0,000015% of the whole galaxy. There is much work left before everything is known :-). According to FD it will take 150,895 years to map the entire Milky Way!

And of course below is another video from famous Isinona and his second part of bounty hunting career.

'Elite:Dangerous' v1.03 - Tracker: Part 2 (Flight Assist Off)

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