Elite: Dangerous – Newsletter 44

Elite: Dangerous - Newsletter 44.

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Multiple Ships in Beta 3

Starting Octboer 28th you will be able to own multiple ships. It will let you "park" any number of ships at any shipyards. Putting it together with ship outfitting and mission system from Beta 2 it will expand your possibilities in Elite: Dangerous. Because you could have multiple ships of the same name but with different loadouts fit to different type of missions (trading, exploration, piracy etc.).

Beta 2.05

Bringed to you improved loading and supercruise exit times. 

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Elite: Dangerous Books Part 6

You can buy new ebook in several webshops (amazon, kobo, nook, apple, fantastic books).

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Elite: Dangerous Book Competition

Do you want to win one of the three brilliant Elite: Dangerous books? Make a screenshot with a title and send it to [email protected]

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