Top 10 Skyrim Cheat Mods for a Fun Time

Here are the best cheat mods for Skyrim that will grant you untold powers and control over your game experience. Get ready to roleplay a god-like character and have tons of fun while doing it.

Top Skyrim Cheat Mods

Look, we all know cheating is wrong, especially in multiplayer games. As far as we are concerned, those doing it have a special place waiting for them your know here. However, we can’t deny that using cheats can be a ton of fun in single-player games. Since at this point, we are treating it as a sandbox of sorts, Skyrim cheat mods, in particular, can significantly improve your experience.

With that in mind, we bring you Skyrim cheat mods that we found the most fun to use. Some of them are straight-up cheats, while others give you so much power that they might as well be considered as such. 

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Top Skyrim Cheat Mods - Unlimited Shouts

Shout your heart out

Startin the list off with a simple Skyrim cheat mod – one that enables unlimited dragon shouts. As the author states, the goal of the mod is to increase the usefulness and fun of dragon shouts. Not only does it remove cooldowns but it also boosts the damage of several shouts and adds new effects. This is particularly true for the third word in a shout which will now really make you feel like a pure powerhouse. Shoutastic!


Top Skyrim Cheat Mods - Unlimited Enchantments

Create weapons of mass destruction

Another simple cheat mod with the potential to make you godlike. Unlimited enchantments does just that – it enables you to enchant weapons and armor with as many enchantments as your heart desires. This means your weapon can be imbued with all elements at the same time, incur different types of damage and effects and much more. You’ll be creating literal god-tier items in no time and will probably breeze through the game having tons of fun experimenting. The only thing you’ll probably need is a magnifying glass for when you want to read all the enchantments on a weapon.


Top Skyrim Cheat Mods - Rings of Power

What is power if it’s not unlimited?

Rings of power brings a collection of 65 rings, each with a powerful enchantment. Some of them will boost your skills or powers, but others will completely break the game and let you have all sorts of fun. One ring, for example, boosts your stamina and health regeneration by 1000%, making you unkillable. There are all sorts of custom enchantments with previously unseen effects too like the ring of firestorm, a ring of slow time and much more. You can, of course, dismantle the items to learn their enchantments to apply them to any weapon or armor piece of your choice. Combine with unlimited enchantments for the best, stupidly fun effect.


Top Skyrim Cheat Mods - Ring Jeebus

Giving Sauron a run for his money

Sacred ring of Jeebus is similar to the rings of power cheat mod. It is, however, only one ring with three variants of varying power levels. A lite ring version boosts your health, magic, stamina, and skills by a moderate amount of 100% so as not to be too overpowered. The second one takes it up a notch by boosting the same by 500% to almost get you to that god mode level of power. To top it all off, the last version of the ring is total overkill. It adds water breathing, reduces shout cooldown and boosts all your stats by a whopping 10000%. Translation: super god mode engaged! 



Top Skyrim Cheat Mods - Hybrid

Why choose when you can be both?

Hybrid is an insanely fun cheat mod that grants you all sorts of roleplaying opportunities. In short, with it, you can become both vampire and werewolf and you can customize the experience as much as you like. You can choose to become both with all the advantages and disadvantages of each form. But, you can also choose to become both with a boost to your powers and none of the disadvantages. The mod also comes with all sorts of bonus spells, weapons, clothing and much more to let you roleplay the ultimate vampwolf.


Top Skyrim Cheat Mods - Death Note

If only the Dark Brotherhood had this little thingy

You already know what this mod does if you’ve ever heard of Death Note manga or anime. It’s another god-tier cheat mod that adds a system that allows you to select any unique character, even ones from other mods and kill them in one of four ways. You can kill an unsuspecting NPC with a heart attack, spontaneous combustion, get him eaten by rats, or make him go berserk in which case the guards will kill him. The dark brotherhood questline made insanely easy.


Top Skyrim Cheat Mods - Unlimited Summonings

An army at your beck and call

While technically not filed under Skyrim cheat mods, it might as well be. Unlimited conjuration mod replaces the Twin Souls perk with the Soulmaster perk. This essentially enables you to become the ultimate summoner, able to have entire legions of different creatures at your command. Finally, you can have an army of your own in the Skyrim civil war and squash both sides into submission. We highly recommend using the mod with Warzones 2015 mod to have the ultimate battlefield experience. 


Top Skyrim Cheat Mods - Powers and abilities

Feel the power

Another spell mod that might as well be filed under cheat mods. Not only will it give you access to some pretty unique and powerful spells and powers like soul ripper, fists of Epirus and speeding bullet but will also net you some pretty awesome weapons and armor. Literally everything in this mod is god tier and will allow you to make enemy NPC into your playthings. Have fun!


Top Skyrim Cheat Mods - Dishonored Powers

Skyrim easy mode engaged

Ever played Dishonored? Well, in it, you have access to some very unique powers that can now be obtained in Skyrim. Using any of them is equivalent to cheating as you’ll be able to teleport, take direct control over NPC’s, see through walls, bend time, reduce enemies to dust and more. Suffice it to say that every quest in Skyrim will be a breeze to go through and you’ll definitely have tons of fun going through them now.


Top Skyrim Cheat Mods - Ultimate Cheat Tower

DLC sized cheat home? Yes please

Probably the ultimate Skyrim cheat mod – Leveler’s tower has so many features that they could fill an article or two on their own. As the author says, the number of options will make your head spin as this mod can easily be explored for 10-20 hours. Auto-sorters, unlimited items and resources, magical items with special effects, a full-blown arena, teleporters, special weapons, armor and spells, character edit capabilities, mounts and much much more. All of this makes not only makes the leveler’s tower one of the best Skyrim cheat mods but one of the best Skyrim mods, period.

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