Top 20 Skyrim Magic Mods

Magic is a core part to feeling powerful in Skyrim. Do your part by checking out these mods! Here are the top 20 best Skyrim magic mods available to make you into a magic-wielding behemoth. Harry Potter would be seething with envy.

Skyrim Top 10 Magic Mods


We bring you the next list in an overview of our favorite Skyrim mods across many categories. This time, we spotlight magic mods that will make you feel powerful beyond anything that the vanilla game can throw at you. So let’s get into it.

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Top 20 Skyrim Magic Mods  


Below you can find first part with top 10 mods and after this there is another part with new updated top 10 mods. So if you want to see all of them and the best newest ones, you must scroll down.

10. Rings Of Power

Skyrim Rings Of Power mod

A mod that adds 60+ craftable rings to your game. Most of them have enchantments already obtainable with other items in the game, some have enchantments that you can’t obtain through a normal playthrough. Some are fairly balanced, such as increasing the speed of leveling a certain skill while others are insanely over powered granting you powerful spells, 1000% increase in health and stamina regeneration and much much more.

9. Hybrid

Skyrim Hybrid Be Both mod

You could consider this a cheat mod but I like to call it badass spell mod. It basically lets you be a vampire lord and a werewolf at the same time. The mod is highly customizable and will let you play out your dreams of being a truly transcendent being in the world of Skyrim.

8. Undeath

Skyrim Undeath mod

Undeath is an insane mod that adds an entire quest line where the ultimate goal is to achieve immortality by transforming into a Lich. It’s a Necromancer role-playing dream mod that is extremely well made. The Lich appearance is customizable and the transformation itself is completely badass, outfitting you with a host of undead powers to decimate your enemies.

7. Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim

Skyrim Apocalypse magic mod

Apocalypse adds around 150 new spells to Skyrim. What’s great about Apocalypse spell pack is that they are totally unique in both their purpose and visuals while remaining lore friendly and balanced. Some of these spells include creating controllable illusions, summoning mountable daedric wolf, teleporting and much much more.

6. Wrath Of Nature – Path Of Druid & Champion of Kynareth

Skyrim Wrath Of Nature mod

Two mods that add unique quests that will see you become a shape-shifter. Both mods function great and are very well made. Once you finish their respective quests 8 transformations will be available to you to use as you see fit, each with their own unique abilities and powers.

5. Summermyst – Enchantments of Skyrim

Skyrim Summermyst enchantments mod

Vanilla Skyrim only has about 30 enchantments for your weapons and armor which really doesn’t give you a lot of options. Summermyst fixes that by adding 104 balanced and immersive enchantments to Skyrim so you can really customize your armor and weapons any way you want.

4. Phenderix Magic World

Skyrim Phendrix Magic World mod

A huge mod adding new locations, around 400 new spells divided into different archetypes, new legendary armor, and weapons, NPC’s, bosses and more. It is an excellent mod adding plenty of roleplaying options.

3. Midas Magic Evolved

Skyrim Midas Magic Evolved mod

Another mod adding around 250 unique and interesting spells to your game. Spells range from relatively lore friendly and balanced to overpowered beast spells like producing an equivalent of a nuclear explosion. This really gives you options to immerse yourself or play an over powered god-like character if you so desire.

2. Spectraverse – Magic of the Magna-Ge

Skyrim Spectraverse magic mod

Spectraverse is a mod that features an entire excellently voiced questline revolving around the children of Magnus. Player will get to choose which side to take in their astral war and can be rewarded with unique and powerfull spells and equipment for their efforts.

1. Inferno series (Advents of Flame, Envoys of End, The Blood   Marked)

Skyrim Inferno series magic mod

A series of mods that are Inspired by titles such as Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, and Dragon’s Dogma. It features a quest line with a series of super hard bosses that will require using over powered spells from the mod itself. It’s great for those wanting a punishingly hard experience in Skyrim as well as roleplaying as an OP character for the rest of the game.

Top 10 Skyrim Magic Mods Vol. 2


As with the mods above, the updated list of magic and other related mods is probably the biggest reason why I come back to Skyrim again and again. Cause let’s face it, with magic and talented and creative modders – the sky is the limit. With that in mind, we bring you another list of top magic mods that we hope will get make you start up this old beast of a game once more.



Top 10 Skyrim Magic Mods - Sacred Ring of Jeebus
Sacred ring of Jeebus mod is actually a collection of rings that provide all sorts of effects on the wearer. The magic in these rings is indeed powerful as it will improve certain skills, regeneration, and resistances to near God-like level. It’s a great way to roleplay different types of characters that are particularly powerful in one aspect, or heck, every aspect.


Top 10 Skyrim Magic Mods - Finger of Death
Ever watched a movie or show where a character was so powerful that he could explode his enemies at a snap of his fingers? Ever wished you could do that? Well, now you can with the help of the finger of death mod. Explode your enemies and turn them into a bloody mush of organs and bones. It will make you feel absolutely badass. Trust us.


Top 10 Skyrim Magic Mods - Dishonored
When presented with a choice – play Skyrim or Dishonored? Be an assassin or dragonborn? My answer is: Why not both and be a dragon assassin? I’m a huge fan of Dishonored and I ran an entire Skyrim playthrough by using only spells included in this mod and had a great time. Teleportation, possession, heightened awareness, wind blasts and more are yours to play with in this awesome mod.


Top 10 Skyrim Magic Mods - Coldharbour Resummoned
Coldharbour resummoned is more than a simple magic mod. Not only does it give you powers to summon dozens of unique versions of Deadra as your followers, but it also offers highly thematic and unique cold-fire spells and even badass armor and weapons to make you match your demonic troops.


Top 10 Skyrim Magic Mods - Psikotics Necromancy
It feels like necromancy has a big role to play in every Elder Scrolls game yet the practice itself is surprisingly bare bones when it comes to the player using it for anything more than summoning a few skeletons. Well, psikotics necromancy mod looks to expand the possibilities to insane levels. Choose between death, blood or spirit magic and summon and command thousands of different followers and take the necromancer roleplaying to a whole new level.


Top 10 Skyrim Magic Mods - Spellsword
Spellsword mod brings a change in the casting system of Skyrim spells. And it’s a one I’ve always wanted the option of having. It will enable you to imbue your weapons with offensive and defensive magical spells that you can cast by either attacking or blocking. The mod is greatly customizable, looks great and gives you plenty of roleplaying options.


Top 10 Skyrim Magic Mods - Forgotten Magic Redone
Forgotten magic redone foregoes the implementation of many spells for a few lore-friendly well-designed ones. 39 spells to be exact, each with 10 improvements that you gain as you use them. They all fit into many known fantasy classes such as a cryomancer, warlock, paladin, druid and more. This ought to give you plenty of roleplaying options for multiple characters.


Top 10 Skyrim Magic Mods - Glamoril Magic of Time and Space
The Psijic order will have nothing on you with this mod. Glamoril grants you access to 20 unique and thematic spells centering around control over time and space. Rewind, speed up, slow down or even stop time, shatter dimensions, create impenetrable barriers and much more. You even get new player housing and an equipable elder scroll that boosts your power even more. What’s there not to love about this mod?


Top 10 Skyrim Magic Mods - Lost Grimoire
In the vein of apocalypse or midas spell packages, lost grimoire brings you around 120 amazing and unique spells that will make you rethink the way you play Skyrim. Ressurection, shapeshifting, disguises, summoning, destruction. This package has it all and is an essential mod to spice up Skyrim magic system and make your game more fun overall.


Top 10 Skyrim Magic Mods - Dwemertech

Dwemertech is an excellent mod that brings an entire questline that will, upon completion, reward you with 42 unique Alteration, Destruction and Restoration staves and associated spells as well as 14 bionic upgrades. Each of these is highly thematic and revolve around Dwemers presumed usage of magic through technology.

So that’s our list of magic and magic related mods that will take your Skyrim mage roleplaying to a whole new level. They provide plenty of opportunities for experimentation and new kinds of fun in the game. How do you feel about our list and what magic mods are on your top 10 list? Sound off in the comments below.


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    So which of the mods are not balanced

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      Most of these mods have hugely overpowered spells that will make you breeze through the vanilla content. Luckily, some of them also feature equally overpowered enemies that will give you a bit of challenge.


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