Skyrim Epicness – 10 Absolute Best Quest Mods

You've exhausted Skyrim of all its main and side quests? You have a ton of end-game and modded weapons and armor but have no meaningful way to use them? Well have no fear, quest mods are here. We bring you a selection of top 10 mods, both big and small that will extend your time in Skyim just a bit more.



Skyrim owes its longevity mostly to mods. Besides enriching your game with better visuals, awesome gear, more magic, housing and much more – the one thing that is the most important in that regard must be the quest mods. The amount of content on offer is of a varying quality and we help to select you some of the best quest mods out there, some of which you’ve hopefully never heard of. So let’s get into it.

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10 Absolute Best Skyrim Quest Mods - Intro the Depths
Skyrim is a lot of things but scary isn’t one of them. Well, this mod aims to fix that by adding a quest that will take you deep into the Silverfall mine. A cursed place that the citizens report hearing strange noises out of. The spooky atmosphere is second to none and it can get really difficult as you approach the quest’s end.


10 Absolute Best Skyrim Quest Mods - Psijic Realm
If you were intrigued by the Psijic order of the vanilla Skyrim and wanted to know more about them, this mod is for you. After ending the College of Winterhold quest line, you’ll be contacted by the Psijic order and sent on a difficult chain of quests in order to prove yourself worthy of becoming a member. New locations, spells, armor, and an epic quest to take down the Dark Brotherhood. Yes, please.

The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal

10 Absolute Best Skyrim Quest Mods - Gray Cowl of Nocturnal
Oblivion had you interacting with the Gray Fox in person and at the end of the quest line, you could get his cowl. If you want that sort of experience in Skyrim (and more) this awesome mod is for you. It’s another DLC sized piece of content that has plenty of unique environments and a great story that will take you around 10 hours to complete.


10 Absolute Best Skyrim Quest Mods - Undeath
We already featured Undeath in our top magic mod lists. In it you go through an awesome quest across Skyrim to gather a ton of ingredients for a potion that will allow you to transform into a Lich. You’ll also get to claim your very own necromancer tower and get a host of new awesome powers.

Shezarrine – The Fate of Tamriel

10 Absolute Best Skyrim Quest Mods - Shezarrine
Shezarrine is an awesome mod that gives further depth to the Thalmor storyline of the vanilla game as well as the entire Elder Scrolls. It uses the existing factions and their dynamics to great effect. Tied to an excellently written follower, you’ll get to decide the fate of some characters and factions unlike anything seen in the vanilla game.

The Forgotten City

10 Absolute Best Skyrim Quest Mods - The Forgotten City
The Forgotten city is just wow. A murder mystery come alive in Skyrim which you’ll solve by using time travel. It’s an open, non-linear story that even won a national Writers’ Guild award with its script. That it all. Download and play it.

The Tools of Kagrenac

10 Absolute Best Skyrim Quest Mods - Tools of Kagrenac
If you played Morrowind you know who Kagrenac is and what having his tools means. With this mod, you can discover what happened to them after the events of that game. Join the College of Winterhold and follow the new quest to obtain a bunch of new abilities and spells as well as the most overpowered artifacts ever to grace the lands of Tamriel.


10 Absolute Best Skyrim Quest Mods - Falskaar
Falskaar should be included in any top list of quest mods. This gargantuan DLC sized mod brings a fully voiced 30+ hour adventure in a completely new land. It’s less focused on adding things like spells, weapons, and armor but brings awesome, high-quality quests for both its main story and the side content. A definite must for any Skyrim player.


10 Absolute Best Skyrim Quest Mods - Summerset Isle
Summerset Isle is a DLC size mod of epic proportions. If you don’t play Elder Scrolls Online with the Summerset expansion this is as close as you’ll get. This titanic mod will bring you over 60 hours (!) of gameplay, a ton of new (fully voiced) NPC’s, weapons, armor, and player homes. It will truly take you for a ride across a beautifully realized landmass with not-exact quest markers so you have to pay attention to what you’re doing. It’s definitely one of our favorite quest mods to date.

Legacy of the Dragonborn

10 Absolute Best Skyrim Quest Mods - Legacy of the Dragonborn
Probably the most expansive quest mod ever to grace Skyrim. Centering around your own personal museum that can even be persistent across multiple playthroughs. It brings a massive amount of high-quality weapons, new dungeons, multiple quests, a new guild and so many little things it would probably fill an article on its own.  A mod that will completely revitalize your game and make you 100th playthrough something really special.

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