Top 10 Skyrim Evil Armor Mods

We bring you another spotlight of top Skyrim armor mods. This time we bring to your attention armor mods perfect for an evil character playthrough. Make your enemies cower in fear before you with these badass armors worthy of even a Daedric Prince.

Top 10 Skyrim Evil Armor Mods


Many players, myself included can’t resist to roleplay evil characters. Whether you are bored, provoked into violence by Nazeem, or just want to look cool – there is a certain appeal in being a bad guy. Consider adding the following Skyrim evil armor mods to your load order cause being bad never looked so good.

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Skyrim Drow Armor Mod

Starting the list with an armor mod that’s a bit tamer in comparison to the rest of the list. The evil meter is still not cranked up and with this light armor, you get a dark, stealthy assassin kind of vibe with a badass half face mask.


Skyrim Outcast Shen Armor Mod

Now we are getting somewhere. Outcast Shen will make you feel like a bonafide badass ninja with glowing eyes that fits perfectly in the world of Skyrim. This piece features a mix of armored and more flexible parts but I think we can agree that it looks great.


Skyrim Shadow Scale Armor Mod

Shadow Scale armor is still on the lore friendly side of Skyrim things. Armor is made from light materials and bones and is believably made from materials that are readily available in the world. It fits great for playing as a Necromancer or such character, the highlight feature being the insane skull mask.

7. Death Knight Of Tamriel
Skyrim Death Knight Armor Mod

As the name of the mod says – it’s a perfect one for roleplaying a death knight. The mod adds a highly armored, bulky and badass set that even features weapons and a spectral horse to round up the full evil package.


Skyrim Soul Eater Armor Mod

If you ever wanted to look like death itself then Soul Eater armor mod is for you. The set even features a pair of demonic wings and appropriate weapons for your avatar of death to frighten the poor peasants of Skyrim.


Skyrim Soul Collector Armor Mod


Continuing with Soul stealing theme. Soul Collector armor is a bit more fantastical and features a sleek armor with ornate carvings on the metal plates covering the chest and shoulders. As is the case with most of these evil armor mods – the mask is the standout feature, being a metal skull with blue eyes, like you just “collected” a few poor weak souls and are a well-fed badass.


Skyrim Black Overlord Armor Mod

Black Overlord armor is just…so evil. If you don this armor, you are evil enough to not need eye holes on it. You are probably so powerful that your demonic aura clears a highway in front of you so you don’t bump into stuff. Jokes aside, this evil knight armor is highly detailed and perfect for any evildoer type of character.


Skyrim Witcher 3 Eredin Armor Mod

If you haven’t played Witcher 3, just go and do it. If you are still enjoying your time in Skyrim too much, bring a bit of Witcher 3 to you with this armor mod. The badass wild hunt armor set is perfect for a necromancer/evil mage/knight character. I mean look at it.


Skyrim Darkwraith Armor Mod

Another import from another game. Darkwraith armor comes from the darkest depths of Dark Souls to take the evil scary game of Skyrim to unseen levels. The mod is a surprising fit into the world of Skyrim for all your evil badass needs.


Skyrim Ancient Shadow Armor Mod

You know you are an evil bastard if the eye holes on your helmet are spiky teeth turning into two demonic horns. This bulky armor is probably the most evil and demonic you can get without turning into an actual demon or something.

So these are our Skyrim mods featuring some of the evilest and badest armor mods for Skyrim. If you feel like we skipped over some armor sets that are even more diabolical than the ones on our list sound off in the comments below.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to voice your opinion! Tell us what mods you want to see next in the poll below.


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