Highlights from Skyblivion Development Diary 4

Yesterday Skyblivion Development Diary 4 was released to provide updates about The Elder Scrolls Renewal modding group's ongoing project. Some of the things shown include various Goblin tribes, unique weapons, and cities. The weapon designs look awesome, and Umbra looks especially cool.

Highlights from Skyblivion Development Diary 4The Elder Scrolls Renewal modding group has provided an update on one of their current projects. Skyblivion Development Diary 4 hit YouTube yesterday. For years these talented modders have been remaking The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion in TES5: Skyrim’s engine. They are also working on a remake of TES3: Morrowind called Skywind.

Here’s Skyblivion Development Diary 4.

A HUGE UPDATE, Remaking The World of Oblivion | SKYBLIVION Development Diary #4

Goblin Tribes

In Oblivion the individual Goblin tribes are barely distinguishable. It’s really cool to see each tribe with different models in Skyblivion. Giving them this extra layer of detail gives them more character. Since Goblins are more commonly associated with Oblivion rather than other Elder Scrolls games, it’s wise to embellish them in this reimagination of the original game.


Oblivion is a fairly old game, so the weapon designs are quite lackluster compared to ones games showcase now. Hence, TESRenewal modding group is wisely adding more flair to Skyblivion’s weapons, with inspiration from the original designs. The ones showcased in Skyblivion Development Diary 4 look terrific. Below is the concept art for Umbra, which is shown in the video. The way light courses through the skull on the hilt when it’s eating a soul is awesome!

Concept art for Umbra in Skyblivion.

Concept art for Umbra in Skyblivion.


One of the more difficult tasks in development is building cities. First, the 3D models must be made, then they must be placed with care, then they must be cluttered, etc. The video briefly shows the progress on Leyawiin, which they covered in more detail in the previous development diary. Leyawiin’s design in Oblivion is quite confusing. It blocks the Niben River from reaching Topal Bay, thus landlocking all the waterways in Cyrodiil. The common theory among fans for this oddity is that technical or time related issues involving the river caused the plan for Leyawiin to change. The TESRenewal modding group is reimagining Leyawiin based on the original concept art for it. See Skyblivion’s layout for Leyawiin below.

Layout of Leyawiin in Skyblivion.

Layout of Leyawiin in Skyblivion.

Skyblivion Development Diary 4 shows the city of Bruma in detail, and it looks great. In this chapter of the video, it’s very evident that the team has done a brilliant job of capturing Cyrodiil’s more refined style compared to Skyrim’s ruggedness. The buildings are all very clean and tidy, which helps make Skyblivion feel like Oblivion despite being made in Skyrim’s engine.

This project truly looks terrific, and fans are very eager to play Skyblivion. Hopefully Skywind will receive an update soon as well. The Elder Scrolls Renewal modding group is still looking for volunteers for both projects. So, Apply with this link if interested.

Video by (Rebelzize).

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