10 Tips for Returning to Skyrim

The time has come to return to Skyrim. The Skyrim Special Edition is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. It adds mod support on consoles, beautifully updated visuals and includes all downloadable content.

10 Tips for Skyrim Special Edition on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition is finally released on the PS4, PC, and Xbox One. It includes all add-ons as well as updated visuals and mod support. Many fans are excited to relive their 2011 memories and get lost in the beautiful province of Skyrim.

While tons of players have been playing since then, it's been quite a while since other adventurers have taken an arrow to the knee so here're some tips to for new players and old!

1. Plan your play style 

Do you want to be a stealthy archer? Maybe pretend you're the Green Arrow or have magic that makes you feel like Iron Man? Try thinking of what you wanna be in the game before you even start. While you can turn your character into pretty much anything at any point in the game, it could take a while to earn the money to buy a certain spell or weapon you need for that play style. It also makes the game a lot more interesting when you're comfortable with your character.

In Skyrim, the skill tree is very versatile. There's a lot of interesting skills that you will find useful so be sure to check it all out and see what suits you.

2. Explore everything

Unlike some other RPG's, Skyrim doesn't punish you for exploring. It actually really encourages it, just be careful and wary of bandits and other enemies. Keep in mind that you do have a carry weight, so looting everything is eventually gonna have an effect on you unless you have a horse.

There's plenty of towns to explore and secrets to uncover, the quest log is always there for you if you ever want to get back on track with the main story.

3. Buy a house 

Eventually, throughout the story, you will be given the opportunity to purchase a house. It's pretty handy to have one to store your wares and also a cozy place to hang out after adventuring for a while. With the Hearthfire add-on you can build your home from the ground up and add useful things such as an alchemy lab, stable and garden.

Just like a house it can be a bit pricey and resource heavy so keep that in mind before buying a house or land in Hearthfire.

4. You can fast travel while over-encumbered with a horse

Not only is a horse very useful for getting around but it can also carry you home when you're over encumbered. A horse can be purchased in Whiterun and many other stables for 1000 coins. Use this to your advantage when you have tons of items that can be sold for coin.

Early in the game, it's worth getting a horse if you don't like walking or sprinting to places. Try not to have your horse fall off a cliff or something, though!

5. Save as often as you can

Trust me, this will save you from extreme rage. Like in Fallout 4, you will sometimes find yourself in the situation where you made a mistake and didn't save your game and have to repeat something all over again. Remember to save before doing something risky.

6. Read every book you see

Books will sometimes give you free skill ups or have a quest. These skill ups are sometimes very beneficial to your play style. The higher the value of the book, the higher the chance is of having a free skill up.

They are found all around Skyrim and can sometimes be purchased from shops. If you are going for a stealthy character, you can try to just steal some as well but if you are not swift you'll be caught and put in jail.

7. always ask an innkeeper about latest rumors

Honestly, you'll find that Innkeepers have more of an idea of what's going on in Skyrim than guards. No spoilers but always ask them, they lead to interesting local quests. Innkeepers can also sometimes sell some interesting items so also check out what they have in stock.

Sleeping in an inn or your own bed also will give you a bonus to experience gain.

8. Be smart when stealing

Serving jail time in Skyrim can be rough, you lose experience towards your next skill level. To prevent that you have to become a good thief and be smart when it comes to stealing. To steal an item successfully it is best to pick it up holding your use button and move it to a room where you'll be secluded.

This can be tricky when it comes to stealing outdoors but is still possible with a high-level sneak skill and a great amount of patience.

9. Apply Poison to weapons

Poisons can be found all around Skyrim, they can even be purchased or created. Applying them to weapons gives a huge bonus to damage and can also help when it comes to bringing down dragons.
They all have different effects and will be good in most situations against enemies.

Some can make a target weaker to a certain attribute which comes in handy when taking down elemental based enemies.

10. experiment with different mods

PC users have had access to mods for a while now but console players will be able to experience them this time around. Players on PS4 on Xbox One will have access to a pretty big selection of mods that can alter the experience of the game in all kinds of ways.

There are mods that make the game more difficult, add more content, weapons, armor, and way more. Don't be afraid to download a random mod that seems interesting.

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