How to Get Skyrim Mods on PS4 in 5 Easy Steps

Think Skyrim Mods on PS4 is impossible? Think again! In 5 easy steps, you'll be able to get Skyrim mods straight to your PS4, with all the benefits of the PC. You may never play the original game again.

Skyrim Special Edition Mods: How to Get Skyrim Mods on PS4 - Fog Mod

Interested in installing mods for Skyrim on the PS4? This article will explain how to get Skyrim Mods on PS4. Mods for Skyrim Special Edition keep the game fresh and continuously add new content to the game. While the modding community has been large and active for numerous Elder Scrolls games on the PC, it’s relatively recent that we’ve been given modding capabilities for console Bethesda games.  

While the PS4 mods library is much smaller than that of the PC, there are still a variety to choose from. From spells and special abilities to new races, quests, and graphics mods, a lot of these additions that can vastly improve the game and add fresh content. If it’s your first time installing mods for Skyrim on the PS4 or your first time dabbling in video game mods in general, don’t worry because this guide will show you how to get started step by step. 

How to Install Skyrim Mods on PS4 Guide Outline:

  1. Create a Bethesda Account

  2. Login to Bethesda Account on PS4

  3. Browse Featured mods

  4. Search for mods

  5. Download, Install, and Enable


Step 1. Create a Bethesda Account

Sign up on Bethesda

Unfortunately, you cannot install Skyrim mods on PS4 without a Bethesda account. In order to install Skyrim mods on PS4, first go to and click “sign up” in the top right corner. Go through the sign-up process and be sure to take note of your username and password. You do not need to make any purchases and shouldn’t need to add any payment methods. 

Step 2. Login to Your Bethesda Account on PS4

Skyrim Main Menu

Next, boot up Skyrim Special Edition and select “MODS” from the in-game menu. If it’s your first time trying to load mods for Skyrim on the PS4, you will be prompted to login to your Bethesda account. Input your login details you created from step 1. 

Step 3. Select Featured Skyrim Mods or Search Skyrim Special Edition Mods: How to Get Skyrim Mods on PS4 - Mods Menu

When the menu loads, you will see one row which highlights the current featured mods and the row below will show your library of downloaded mods. You can select mods from the featured list and proceed to download them, or you can search for specific mods. Selecting the mod will show you a detailed description of the mod along with the creator’s username, amount of times the mod has been favorited, the mod’s star rating, and occasionally info regarding which other mods it may be incompatible with. 

Step 4. Search for Skyrim Mods

Search BarHow do you find mods for Skyrim on PS4?
Selecting the search option brings you to the mods search bar screen. If you know exactly which one you are searching for, you can type in specific names of mods like “Floating Goats of Skyrim” or you can simply search for types like “Graphics”. 

Skyrim Special Edition Mods: How to Get Skyrim Mods on PS4 - Mods ResultsOnce you have inputted the type or name of the Skyrim mod you are looking for, the top row will change from Featured Mods to results for the query you searched for.

 Step 5. Download, Install, and Enable

Skyrim Special Edition Mods: How to Get Skyrim Mods on PS4 - Mods loading screenHow do you install mods for Skyrim on PS4?
Once you have found the mod you would like to install, select it and choose “download” from the menu. After the mod is finished downloading, you must select it from your library and select “enable” from the options list on the left side. 

Once you have downloaded multiple Skyrim mods for PS4, you can then choose a load order for your enabled mods. The load order will determine which mods load first. Normally, the more demanding mods like graphics mods are put first in the queue. After choosing which mods to enable, exit the mods menu. The system will have to reload your game data to adjust the game with the mods you have enabled. Whether you start a new game or load a previous save, your enabled mods should be applied to the epic world of Skyrim. 

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Official Trailer

What are your favorite Skyrim mods for the PS4? Let us and our readers know in the comments below! If you’re looking for more mods to check out, be sure to read up on:

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  1. the mods on skyrim bethesda are not all that good tbh most of em i cant save or load nomatter what load order i put em in an some of em even crash my game repeatedly an lenovo chromebook doesnt support nexus mods or loverslab so i cant get mods that are actually worth the time ive tryd all the mods bethesda has to offer an there worst then i heard need a way to download mods that actually work an dont crash


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