Skyrim: The Break of Dawn Quest Guide

The Break of Dawn is a simple and unique quest which rewards you with one of the most beautiful swords in the game. As well, it's short, taking less than two hours to complete. Bored of the main quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? Then The Break of Dawn is a must-do for sword-lovers and those who want a break from the main quest of the game.

The Break of Dawn: Finding Meridia’s Beacon in Skyrim - Feature
The Break of Dawn quest begins one of two ways: first, by finding the Statue to Meridia or second, by happening upon Meridia's Beacon by chance in a boss chest. The quest is rather easy, not so time-consuming(roughly one hour to complete) and has a moderate amount of loot, as well as a unique sword known as the Dawnstar. Please note that this quest requires level 12 or higher. If you are not level 12, approaching the Statue to Meridia will not trigger any events and the beacon will not randomly spawn until you reach level 12.

1. Find the Statue to Meridia

The Break of Dawn: Finding Meridia’s Beacon in Skyrim - Map
If you haven’t already found the statue or if you haven't found the beacon yet, the Statue to Meridia lies in the Northern part of Skyrim, a short trek west of Solitude. Upon nearing the statue, you’ll hear an ethereal and eerie voice speaking to you telepathically. This voice belongs to the Goddess Meridia, who instructs you to find her beacon and hints at worthy rewards if you do so.

2. Find the Beacon

The Break of Dawn: Finding Meridia’s Beacon in Skyrim - Beacon
First, you must travel to an undetermined camp, cave, or ruin to retrieve Meridia’s beacon. The location of the beacon is randomized. So if you load a past save and redo the quest, the beacon may spawn in a new area every time. Generally, this will be a small dungeon with few enemies, so this task shouldn’t take much time. Once you get there, simply eliminate all the enemies. They are low level so you likely won’t have any problem defeating them with or without a companion, but it wouldn’t hurt to bring a potion or two. Once you defeat them there will be a chest in the boss area. Open it and retrieve Meridia’s Beacon.

3. Return to the Statue to Meridia

Travel Back to Meridia’s statue and place the beacon on the altar. An interesting cutscene will play in which Meridia transports you high above the sky and presents herself to you as an orb of light. She will ask (force) you to be her champion and clear out the dark necromancer who has taken over her temple. She will ask you to guide her light through the temple and reclaim it for her.

4. Clear out the Temple and Activate the Pedestals

Luckily, the temple is right below her statue. Enter it and defeat the numerous shades within it(dark ghosts who look like the dementors from Harry Potter). Throughout the ruins of the temple, you will come across pedestals with small grey/white orbs that look similar to Meridia’s Beacon. Activate each pedestal and a beam of light will move throughout the temple which will point you in the direction of the next pedestals.

While moving through the temple, don’t forget to loot the desecrated corpses scattered throughout. The desecrated corpses have high amounts of gold ranging from 20 to 80 gold per body. On the other hand, the urns throughout the temple are almost always empty or usually have less than 10 gold in each, so don’t bother wasting your time looting them.

5. Defeat Malkoran

Your final task in the final room of the temple is to defeat Malkoran, the evil necromancer. However, as soon as Malkoran is defeated a shade named “Malkoran’s Shade” will instantly appear. Upon defeating Malkoran’s Shade, Meridia will speak to you telling you that the task is complete.

The Break of Dawn: Finding Meridia’s Beacon in Skyrim - Dawnstar
A glowing sword (the Dawnstar) will rise near the altar and Meridia will instruct you to take it. Upon taking the sword, Meridia will transport you again high in the sky and tell you to take the Dawnstar and use it in her name to spread her influence across the land of Skyrim.

The Break of Dawn is a more light, casual quest yet interesting and different from the normal fetch-and-go type quests in the game. The player is guided by a goddess with no physical form and receives a unique item(the Dawnstar) which is moderately powerful and aesthetically one of the most beautiful weapons in the game.

Have a favorite Skyrim quest of your own? Let us know what it is in the comments below.

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