10 Things We’d Like to See in the Sequel to Skyrim

Skyrim was released nearly a decade ago, but its sequel still remains a mystery. Even if we don't have any real information (yet!), we can still speculate about what we'd like to see in the sequel to Skyrim, and see how a sequel could impro...

Blood and Flame — A Skyrim Fan Fiction (Chapter 1)

Don't miss the first chapter of Blood and Flame, our exclusive Skyrim fan fiction! Follow the story of one man's journey from Morrowind to Skyrim in search of his father's killer. Chapter 1: The Crash and The Flames There was fire everywher...

Top Skyrim Player Home Mods: Mansion Edition

Player home mods are a huge part of Skyrim endgame. Additionally, they are mostly conflict-free so you can have dozens of them without needing to worry about those pesky CTD's. With that in mind, we decided to bring you a larger list of pla...

Skyrim Immersion: Top Mods To Make it More Realistic

Better, faster, more realistic! Today we have a collection of mods that aim to improve numerous aspects of Skyrim to make it more immersive. We cover all sorts of mods too. Everything from simple changes to existing gameplay features and vi...

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The Quest For A Next-Gen Skyrim Vol.2 – Environment

In case you’re just tuning into my quest, let me catch you up. I recently came in to some fancy new PC hardware and decided it was time to go back to Skyrim. After all, it’s a great game. More than that, it was time to pursue the one thing ...

The Quest For A Next-Gen Skyrim Vol.1 – Narcissistic NPCs

Since Skyrim originally released back in 2011, the game still has an incredibly active community. That is thanks, in no small part, to the modding community. Say what you will about Creation Club, Nexus Mod Manager is where it's at with tho...

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