The Elder Scrolls VI is coming

Bethesda Softworks vice president Pete Hines commented on the status of The Elder Scrolls VI, saying that it's a priority over any HD remaster in the coming future.

Potential logo for The Elder Scrolls VI
Though Bethesda Softworks made no official announcement on the next installment in the Elder Scrolls series at QuakeCon, vice president Pete Hines did shed some light on the priority of the game given the upcoming release of Skyrim Remastered for the fall.

In an interview with, an editor probed Hines with the question of whether or not there could be a Morrowind or Oblivion remaster in the future if the remaster of Skyrim pans out well. The question quickly became whether or not the team should work on those remasters or on The Elder Scrolls VI, however.

"I think a lot of my answer has to do with their age. An Oblivion remaster is an interesting idea, but it is ten-year-old game. And Morrowind is 14. The leap we had to make and the work we had to do with getting Skyrim remade was much more obtainable and a much clearer path. With Oblivion, you are talking about several engines ago" said Hines. "So the question becomes, "should we work on a Morrowind or Oblivion remaster, or should we work on Elder Scrolls VI." Because that is the volume of work we are talking about. So we try not to spend too much time on remasters: the only other one I think we have done is Dishonored, which was a new IP that came out in the last year of a generation. So it was not a hard path to walk to bring that over to current-gen. For everything else, we have to ask 'do we want to take time and resources, and spend money, on something that is already out to bring it to a new platform, or do we want to forge ahead with new stuff?' And in most cases, the answer is that we want to forge ahead with new stuff."

Aside from the aforementioned Skyrim HD remake, Bethesda also has Elder Scrolls Legends, a collectable card game spin-off, slated for this year. No official announcements have been made about the newest entry in long-running RPG series so far, though some news of it's priority within Bethesda studios certainly gives fans hope for the future.

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