Modder Creates Skyrim VR Brain-Powered Mod

A modder by the name Cangar has created the Skyrim VR brain-powered mod. This means the player must focus their mind to do magic in the game. The mod uses a brain-computer interface to measure the player's brain activity, heart rate, and more.

Modder Creates Skyrim VR Brain-Powered Mod

A modder (Cangar) has created a Skyrim VR brain-powered mod. It literally utilizes a brain-computer interface. Specifically, you need a Muse meditation device and dongle to play the mod. It measures a number of things from brain activity to heart rate and breathing. The mod uses it to measure your level of concentration so that the more you focus, the higher your magicka bar rises. If you can focus enough to fill the bar, then you’ll do double damage to your foes! In short, your focus level determines your damage output. The mod is currently in an early alpha state, but it is playable.

The Skyrim VR brain-powered mod gives players visual feedback beyond just the magicka bar. The spell effect in your hand will shrink as your focus dwindles. Cangar wants players to test the mod to help him collect additional data. This data can then be used to help improve the mod as he polishes and finalizes it in the future. He has also posted a video showing off a little bit of the mod in action:

A real brain-computer interface mod for Skyrim VR!

While Cangar had some help in developing the Skyrim VR brain-powered mod, he is an expert himself. In fact, he is a neuroscientist at Technische Universität Berlin. This interesting mod is the result of combining his love of Skyrim VR with his fascination with the human brain. Cangar is actually also a Skyrim VR YouTuber. You can find out more about the mod itself on its website.

As you may be aware, Skyrim also just celebrated its 10th anniversary via a live stream event and concert.

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