Skyrim Composer Calls Rape Allegations “Outrageous”

Legendary composer Jeremy Soule has finally weighed in on his numerous sexual assault accusations. He flatly denies the first claim that he raped a co-worker at a development studio, while in regards to a new accusation that he sent an inappropriate video to a female developer, he simply said that he disagrees with her viewpoint and is "not at liberty to discuss."
Skyrim Composer Calls Rape Allegations

Skyrim Composer Calls Rape Allegations “Outrageous”

Allegations of rape, sexual assault, and emotional manipulation have piled up against legendary game composer Jeremy Soule. Now, Soule has spoken up, referring to the claims as “outrageous.”

Kotaku has run a report summarizing three allegations against Soule. In addition to Nathalie Lawhead’s accusation (which we reported on previously), Kotaku includes two new testimonies from women who claim to have been abused by Soule. One of them, a vocalist named Aeralie Brighton, claims that Soule began by acting as her professional mentor before beginning to exhibit predatory behavior, culminating in him sending her a video of him masturbating. Another accuser, who prefers to remain anonymous, contends that Soule attempted to send her the same video.

Soule commented on the allegations in messages published in the same Kotaku report. He vehemently denied Lawhead’s accusation, calling it “outrageous.”

These 11 year old allegations are false. I am shocked and saddened that these outrageous claims have been made.

-Jeremy Soule on Nathalie Lawhead’s rape allegation

However, when it came to Brighton’s claims, Soule was much less direct. Instead of outright denying the accusations as he did with Lawhead, he merely stated that he disagreed with her viewpoint.

I don’t agree with her point of view, and I’m not at liberty to discuss

-Jeremy Soule on Aeralie Brighton’s sexual assault and manipulation accusations.

For those not aware, Soule has composed some of the most iconic game soundtracks of all time, including the Elder Scrolls series, Guild Wars, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and many more. However, should these accusations hold true, this could be a disgraceful end to his distinguished career.

The situation is still ongoing, and we’ll be sure to share the latest developments.


  1. This did not surprise me either way. It was really easy to do something like this way back in 2008, before the MeToo movement and before women would speak up about such abuse, especially in the game industry. But It is also possible to accuse somebody of rape to get publicity or out of spite. It is really difficult to prove anything after such a long time. I believe in the idea of “innocent until prooven guilty” and I will apply it to both Soule and his accusers. And just in case, I won’t listen to Soule’s music or engage with the work of the women.
    I really don’t understand people who deny his fault just because he was such a great composer. Just because someone is tallented does not mean they are even a decent person. Look at Chris Brown for an example. Also, Jeremy Soule was not that great to begin with. There are many more better and deserving composers.

    • considering he groomed me when i was a 12-14, i believe every word

  2. Alec Holowka just killed himself.
    I hope that there is fair justice in case of these people being innocent, and the accusers get prison sentenced as well.
    Witch burning is alive and well in this snowflake era of social justice.

    • jeremy soule and all his abuser buddies should be in prison

      • If they are guilty, of course they should.
        But there is a lot of witch hunting going on, and it seems pity is the currency of truth for social media nowadays. What happened to Innocent until proven guilty ?
        Vigilante mentality is barbaric, and is still alive and well in less developed countries, where people get killed ALL THE TIME because of community based justice, that many times turn out to be completely wrong and manipulated.
        Rape is horrible and can destroy a life, but so can false-victims. Both have to get prision.

  3. shes a biitch

    • we know, your mom’s a bitch


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